Bound by Wreckage

I feel like every book I read of Ryan’s I say is my favorite, but this one... HOLY GUACAMOLE! I cannot say enough about this story. I’m going to try and recap with no spoilers. It might be a short review because there are a lot of surprises and special moments in this story.  Carsyn … Continue reading Bound by Wreckage


Catching Callie

Review This is Claire's second story and it is so different from her first. This cute summer read is mainly a light-hearted​ read with some heavy topics that are handled well. The heavy topics aren't the main focus of the story, and I think that's a key point to realize when the resolution comes. They … Continue reading Catching Callie


This next story in the Fallen Lords series is one that brings you into the cozy cocoon of Maniac and Wren. I am a big supporter of Winter but this is her best story to date! Winter wrote a story that will consume you. Wren and Maniac's journey is powerful and moving. Maniac helps Wren … Continue reading Maniac