Power Player

Where to begin… this is the second story in the PowerChain series by Ryan Michele and Chelsea Cameron. It was another crazy adventure into the anti-hero’s lives and world. I could not put this book down. I am enjoying this series that Ryan and Chelsea created. It’s dark but powerful. The four corners, as I like to call them, have this power unique to each man. They balance the four corners keeping everything in their world harmonious.

Paxton is next in line to take what he wants. He has known for a long time who he would take and own as his… forever. The only problem is, the thing he loves most, her fire, is also the thing that will burn him. Watching this strong man succumb to the fate that he can bend was fantastic. Paxton was meticulous in calculating everything, and yet he couldn’t count on his calculations of Laurel. I felt like Paxton was even more of a hot-head than Onyx and that’s saying something. When push came to shove and reality slapped him in the face, he has to decide if bending to a woman is worth it.


Laurel is fire. She doesn’t back down even in the face of fear and danger. I loved the spark and tenacity she had for taking matters into her own hands. She didn’t put up with Paxton and his games. Her history with him definitely tugged on this reader’s heartstrings. She was so brave to try and give to Paxton again. Putting your heart on the line is not an easy task. When the fire gets hot, she must decide if Paxton is going to walk through the flames with her, or if she will forge her own path.


Ellen Sue is an awesome side character. Can we take a minute to appreciate this woman that was created? We get to see more of her personality, love, loyalty, and strength. This kinda makes me want to have an epilogue at the very end from her perspective. She is one of my all-time favorite secondary characters for sure.


The plot in this story continues from the first to a degree. You don’t need to read PowerHouse to follow along with this one, but it helps. The arc of Laurel and Paxton is closed up in a way that has surprises coming out of every corner. They are concluded and you do get a content feeling at the end.

There is so much I want to talk about but don’t want to spoil. The cabin, made my heart swoon and melt. Seriously did. The ending at the apartment… totally felt the moment and impact it was meant to have. The very end with Dane! Yeah, I’d love to know what was said there.

I know that this review seems cryptic, but there are secrets each reader of Power Play must keep. We can’t ruin it for others. There are so many truths and discoveries to be made, that spoiling it would be unfair to you, the next reader.

With that said, this reader gives it 5 pointe shoes. It’s a fabulous continuation of the series and while the original means to get the girl were similar, the stories were vastly different.

5 Star

Be sure to find Ryan Michele & Chelsea Camaron below:

Ryan Michele: www.authorryanmichele.net

Chelsea Camaron: http://www.authorchelseacamaron.com



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