Sins for Truths

I’m not really sure where to begin with this review. S.L. did it to me again and delivered a mind-altering book that literally leaves me speechless. She takes us in the mind of the serial killer yet again and only releases us from his clutches at the very end. I strongly urge you to read the first book Ashes of a Sinner before this one.

Logan and Michael are back to conclude the case of John Broussard. Or so they think… I know this is Logan’s story so I will get to her in a bit. I found it fascinating and intriguing the past Michael’s mom had. The relationship that grew from it, while a small subplot, was beautiful. I know this isn’t a romance, but I felt for him and his feeling about Logan. As I was reading, I just kept hoping for him to find his happiness. I feel like he is almost holding Logan back sometimes. Not in a negative way, but it’s like he kept her caged and didn’t want her to fly in fear he’d be left behind. I really like Michael though and while I don’t want to spoil, I hope what happened in book one with a fave character isn’t history repeating.


John, the serial killer that won’t let dead bodies lie. S.L. gets in his head in such a freakish way. You almost need to hug a stuffed animal for comfort. I have never read an author like S.L. when it comes to being in the mind of a killer. She is incredible in this way. He is definitely the antagonist to Logan. The whole book is like a strategic game of chess where neither will give their King willingly. Checkmate will only occur after a bloody battle.


The new killer surprised me. I wasn’t sure what to expect or for it to play out the way it did. Definitely had truths and pasts exploding into Logan’s present.

We still only know a little about Logan’s past. This book uncovers some pieces but I feel much is still in the murky bayou waters. I sometimes get the impression the author, like Logan, is keeping things close to the chest. I am always a huge fan of strong female characters and Logan doesn’t disappoint. I like reading her thoughts and how she works. It’s meticulous until emotions cloud her judgment. I felt like she led with heart not head then. There are so many levels to Logan, I feel like they all can’t be touched in this review. She is one of the best detectives since my love of reading and mysteries was first captured.


I will warn my followers this is a cliffhanger. I know not everyone is into those so there’s your warning. Me personally, I don’t mind them. Especially in a series like this. It ended like a great television series and will have you anxiously awaiting the next book.

I hope to meet S.L. one day. She is an amazing author that I hope never stops writing. If you missed my Q&A with her, find it here.

5 mysterious pointe shoes for this story. It is well worth it to read… just make sure you leave the lights on.

5 Star

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