A Very Beary Christmas

She’s back you say! Yes, yes I am and catching up on all my books that I tried to read. The last two weeks, have left me fuzzy but I’m finally over the horrid flu. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy it was so heinous. Thankfully it stayed to just me and not LM or Hubby.
I always love holiday reads and this one by Abbie Zanders was no different. It was a fairly short read that gave you all the warm holiday feels. What’s better than a blizzard, a bear, and a mate … I can’t think of anything. Abbie jam-packed a lot in this story. I was left just wanting it to continue on and never end. Such a great skill an author has when you don’t want the world created to cease.
Chloe and Sam found each other when they were kids. Sam’s bear knew that Chloe was his. When she is ripped from his paws he doesn’t know what to do. Their journey to reconnect and rekindle a bond is beautifully written.
Sam is everything you would expect a bear to be. He is loyal, protective, and lovable. His only thing is the one person he wants to love, he can’t find anymore. When clues fall in to his lap, he’s led on a journey that will change his life.
Chloe has so much in her life that is dark and cold. Abbie captured her past in a way that let your imagination run wild. I have so many theories on what happened. I will never know which is right, but I do know all of them are not kind. The strength Chloe shows is something to be admired. You can always be one to let what happens pull you down or you can look at the other side of the coin. Chloe looked at the other side.
The conclusion was a surprise for me and a happy one. I couldn’t ask for a better shifter Christmas read.

I enjoy the Howl’s Romance books and when I found Abbie had a Christmas one out I jumped on it. This book was absolutely perfect to read on a snowy day with a blanket and hot cocoa.
Sam and Chloe have a story for the ages. I love how they received a second chance at love and life together. Neither one fully gave up on the idea that it was them all along. This second chance at a romance that never got the first chance was bearably sweet.
All the little traits Chloe has made for the surprise at the ending perfect and unexpected.
Chloe is a female that instead of having self-pity for what she endured, decided to make her own happiness. She found the light that would help make bright her life. While she was always searching, hoping to be led back to the boy she never forgot.
Sam couldn’t forget Chloe if he tried. He’s everything you expect and more. When clues land him on Chloe’s front door, he has to take a breath before he scares her away.
I loved his family. His Mom, even though her parts were small, had me chuckling and falling in love with how big her heart was towards Chloe.
If you love holiday reads and shifters, then this story is for you. Grab it and feel the Christmas magic all over again.

Meet Abbie Zanders:

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