Hiccups of Life

One of my favorite songs is Waters – Hiccups. I feel like it works for me right in this moment. If you haven’t heard it, check them out.
Another one that is working really well for me is Missio – Middle Fingers.

Needless to say it has been a whirlwind year. 2018 can’t come fast enough in my opinion. I am a firm believer when a door closes another route is made available. While that route might not seem clear at first, there will be a light to shine the way.

I’m sure my followers (so excited I’m up to 73 on this blog) have wondered where I’ve been. Let me show you.

My family got a chance to travel to Flathead Lake Montana. Now let me tell you, this place is stunning like I’ve never seen before. The stars at night were so gorgeous. I only averaged about 5 hours of sleep because I wanted to see the stars. We saw several shooting stars while out there. LM really enjoyed his time. He jumped off a cliff into the lake below. Don’t worry, fully supervised and had a life vest on. We also told him we could do it here because they made sure it’s deep enough to not touch the bottom. The sun came out about 5 am and went to bed about 10pm. Our full trip also included us stopping in Spokane, WA where my Aunt lives. I got to catch up with her, whom I haven’t seen in 20 years. Needless to say the 10 day trip was enjoyable and all we want to do is be on Lake Front Bargain Hunt on HGTV to find a slice of heaven out there. Just need those winning lottery numbers to get that šŸ˜†.

Getting back to the real world is always hard. The past two weeks with real life responsibilities reared its head and I had to step away for a bit. I was still reading! I think I’ll always read, but I had to focus on the important things in my life. Weathering the storm is always something we have to do. It’s amazing how strong you find yourself and the support system you have when the storm hits. I hope that I am that strong when someone I care about needs to whether their storm.

Anyway, I plan to get back to the blogging/reviewing and have it lined  up as follows:

  • Awakened by Power by Zoey Ellis Monday 8-14
  • Alpha’s Arrangement by Ryan Michele 8-15
  • Master Vlogger by Bink Cummings 8-16
  • Loving Quinn by Alicia Montgomery 8-17
  • When Angels Seek Chaos by Addison Jane 8-18

There were several that released all on one day and ladies I love you all but since I review one book a day, I spaced them out for the week. I hope you are as excited as I am for these book reviews. I really enjoyed reading them.

Anyway positive vibes to all who read this blog and hope you have a great weekend.

peace out girl scouts


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