Destined Hearts

I’m back ladies and gentleman! It’s been a wild crazy past 10 days that resulted in me landing and getting home at 2AM yesterday. I forgot what day of the week and where I was. I’m up and at it early writing this post before I head in to work to catch up from 10 days of vacation. Looking forward to it…not really….vacation….was epic and worth it!

K.K. Allen is back with her conclusion to the Stolen Melodies duet. If you are new to her, the first in the series Dangerous Hearts was an awesome read. You can see my review here. I will be honest to say I enjoyed the first in this duet more than the conclusion. I gave it a 4.5 star rating for me because some of the second book was too predictable for me. I just felt like it was obvious what was going to happen and I’m not sure all the drama was necessary IMO.
That said, it was still a great rock star read. Wolf and Lyric are back. The question is can they overcome the rift that has wedged between them. Only time will tell if they can heal what has been broken in their hearts.
In this one we learn more about Lyric’s past. What a past she has too. It makes sense about her personality and what she does. One thing I liked was how she grew. Lyric lost herself, her true self, somewhere along the way of her life. Wolf brought out the best parts of her and made her realize who she was all along. Some of the drama that ensued at the end, I could have taken or left it, but the foundation of what they built was spot on in this story.
Wolf is an ass for the first half of this story in my opinion. He needed a good kick with a frying pan on more than one occasion. I really wanted to just kick him. He went from standing by Lyric to having the rift create this imaginary hate towards Lyric. It took him quite a while to really open his eyes and see what he needed to do for his other half of his soul. Once he was beside her and knew it all, he lived up to her other half, soul mate title.
The secondary characters still added a lot to this series. It is a great rock star romance and I would love to see more of the secondary players in a story of their own. If KK ever decides to write it 😉.

Fave lines:
“Music had always been my purpose, but Lyric waltzed in and gave substance to it all.”

“Strength through sadness is how I thought about it. Always a fighter, you were. I’ve always been proud of you for that.”

The rock star lovers are back in the final installment of this duet. I struggled with a rating for this book. Where as the first was a slam dunk for me, this one had me teetering on the edge of a 4 or 5. Ultimately I rounded from a 4.5 star rating to the 5 for reviews. Part of the reason is because some of it seemed too predictable and over in a very quick time once the climax came to light. I would still recommend this series as a whole and feel that K.K. is an amazing, artistic, writer. She weaves words into a story and makes them dance on the pages much like the lyrics to a song.
Lyric has a choice to make. Does she give up on the other half of her soul or does she let him in. I felt like her fears, inhibitions to move on, and heart of gold led her on the path to try to make it right. Deep down she is still the little girl who hopes for the impossible. I am glad we got a resolution that was fitting for her as a person. She fought in the first half of the book to have the man who is her soul returned to be one with her. Then she fought with Wolf so they can have a forever to rival all others.
Wolf can’t make sense of it all. He doesn’t even know how it went so wrong. The right in his heart, the other half, just up and left. Taking his soul with her. When she returns he is angry and bitter. The emotional turmoil Wolf goes through is maddening at times. I really wanted to shout “MAN UP AND TALK TO HER! LISTEN!” Once he finally got over being butt hurt he was able to see all that is Lyric.
The dynamics the two had made for a rock love story of epic proportions. They fought each other, their hurt, and outsiders to get a forever that would not be trampled upon. The secondary characters brought forth even more to the story. I enjoyed reading their development as it progressed along.
If you love rock reads, then this duet is a must add to your TBR list. Check out KK and The Stolen Melody Duet series now.

Meet K. K. Allen:

Grab the book (it’s on KU too):


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