Layla is back with a short story. This will be a quick review since it’s a novella. If you have read her Arrested Hearts series you met Mary & Enzo. We got to see their love story briefly. It was swoon worthy from the start.
They are back and both more obsessed with each other than before. That obsession is a love and bond like no other. It gives them strength and support as they fall even more into the bliss of marriage.
Mary is a worrier and she struggles to not worry about things. While she tries to hide her emotions, she wears her heart on her sleeve. Enzo notices it all and does everything he can to ease Mary’s worries and concerns.
When an outside force causes them both to worry and stress, it will test what they already know, that love can conquer all. Their strength and bond is tested and in the end they will fight to make a happily ever after to swoon for.

Mary and Enzo are back for a short story. Their love is the stuff dreams are made of. These two are some of my favorite secondary characters written by this author. I was so excited that she gave them a little novella.
Mary is sweet, fun, and hopelessly in love with her husband. She is obsessed with how he loves and takes care of her. When a worry overshadows that obsession, she becomes concerned with one thing; making Enzo happy. She has to come to peace with everything going on. It was interesting to read her struggles and how she handled, or didn’t handle them. I was rooting for Mary and Enzo the whole story.
Enzo is the surrogate patriarch of the family with his parents in Italy. He is over the moon to have Mary in his life and will do everything to keep her happy. We get to see a side of Enzo we haven’t seen as he proves to anyone around Mary is his forever.
Fall in love with two people who are obsessed with each others happiness. Join them in their journey to find their HEA.

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