I won this book in an Instagram giveaway! How cool is that. Thank you Jess Bryant. ☺️
Guess if you aren’t on IG, you should hop over there and follow Jess.
This was an interesting take on a rockstar story and the chance at finding love. I almost felt like this was a second chance novel, but it’s not really a second chance. It’s more finding a love again that started as kids.
Lemon left home to make it big. When she hit the big time, she thought it was all she ever wanted. Then something happens and the only place she can run to is the small town of Fate. She is an extremely quirky character but it fits her. She has some immature moments that I really wondered if she was an adult, but as the story continued, she grew on me a bit. Lemon has a huge heart and so much love to give. She just has to overcome her secrets she’s keeping.
Shane is the law in the town. He is the single Dad who is just trying to survive a house of three girls. When he runs in to Lemon, he’s not sure which head is doing the thinking. I feel like his eyes were open for the first time to her and from that point on, he is consumed with the beautiful girl who stole his heart. One thing he is good at, is knowing something is amiss. He will do all he can to keep Lemon in his life but also fix what broke her.
This story had a lot of secondary characters and they flowed in and out seamlessly. Shane’s daughters were present throughout most of the story which was great to see. Sometimes I feel like if there are kids, they are scarce or constantly with a sitter/family member. That wasn’t the case here, the got to love Lemon as much as Shane did.
There were several points that weren’t closed up for me. It was a little frustrating because I really wanted to know what happened. Why did the code change? It was a big deal it seemed, but no resolution why it changed. Did she tell her parents? Did she fix what was the problem? What about the comments Shane made about parenting, it was glazed over how he came back from that low blow IMO. What about Georgia and that whole convo? Where was the resolution.

This was my first story by this author and it was cute. Rockstar Lemon comes home to run. She runs right in to Shane who has had her heart since she knew what love was. Shane has a lot to think about before diving into this with Lemon. I liked how his thought process with a relationship went. He has three beautiful girls to consider after all. His ex and he had a dynamic I found funny at times. It was enjoyable that it wasn’t a horrid divorce and they still were able to co-parent.
Lemon has secrets and she keeps them close to her heart. The heart she doesn’t want to get broken. She definitely felt like a free spirit to me. I loved how she played and connected with Sophie, but also described how it was her. The guitar, music, and everything was her, it flowed from her soul and out her fingers into music.
Overall I found the story cute and a fun read. I did have some moments that I was like YOU IDIOT as I was reading but that made for an enjoyable read. There were several small plot issues that I felt weren’t resolved and that left me a bit bummed. I would still read another story by this author.

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