Love on the Mat

It’s the last of Winter today. This post will have you up to date on the Powerhouse series. All the faves you met in the first book are back for the second story. We meet Ryker a 16-year-old kid who doesn’t have the money to train but the heart to succeed. Tate and the guys take it upon themselves to have him come in and work in exchange for training. The way those guys look after the kid is touching.
Tate finds himself out at a strip club and becomes mesmerized with a woman. They meet on a chance encounter and then realize they have something in common Ryker. He wants to be Hadley’s ninja in shining armor and she wants nothing of the sort. Compared to the previous story we actually see Tate grow up quite a bit. I liked that his character evolved in both stories.
Hadley is just trying to make it all work. She came in to Ryker’s life as a shock to both her and Ryker. The emotional stress that she just bottled up inside comes barreling out and there isn’t a way to force it back in the box. I like how she is determined to work hard and do what needs to be done to provide for her and Ryker. When Tate comes crashing in on her life, she is scared, hopeful, and in lust all at once. Only time will tell if they will work out or will her delicate balance of things lead it all crashing down around her.
While I really enjoyed this story, I had some open issues that I never felt like they got fully resolved. I don’t want to spoil this book for other readers but it was just some hang ups that felt like the subplots were left open to me. Hence the 4 stars. I still enjoyed it and am sure you will too. I also plan to keep up with the Powerhouse series as they release as well. What I really want is Dante!!!! GIVE ME DANTE!!! LOL I secretly think he will be with Sage…..

Second in this series was just as enjoyable as the first one. There were some minor subplots that didn’t close up in my opinion. Hence the 4 star rating. Overall though, it was a good story and continuation of the first in the series.
Hadley is doing all that she can to survive. I feel like one small move and her delicate balancing act of life will come crashing down. Well it comes crashing down the second Tate walks in to her life. I really liked Hadley as a character and thought she was well written. She did have some stubborn attributes that made me want to shake her.
Tate while I enjoyed his character I still had some questions about him. I wanted to know more.
Ryker was a cool teenager and I love when Tate and Hadley first met in front of him. So funny.
Again overall a good read just missing some closing points for me. Still cannot wait to see what happens next.

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