Dropkicked in Love

This book sat in my TBR list for a LONG time. I finally listened to my friend and read it. You see, I’m not normally an MMA fan. As you notice in most of my reviews there’s like one MMA book for every 30 I read. That said, I trusted her and read Dropkick My Heart.
Kellan and Molly’s story was refreshingly cute.
Molly is a coffee shop owner with a magical thumb for making delicious concoctions and sweets. She worked hard to have her own successful business which I admired in her. Her boiling point comes when Powerhouse moves in. She will have to have her wits about her as she battles them to quiet down.
Kellan is a ray of freaking sunshine, just kidding he’s a grumpy man. I don’t think he had any fun until his Cookie showed up. Once she popped in his life with her baked treats and shy demeanor, he was done for.
Some funny moments for me were definitely the book club, the pranks, and Dante. In this story he was so funny with what I felt was an antagonizing nature towards Kellan when it came to Molly’s cooking.
The secondary characters were a fantastic addition to this story. They brought out the strengths in Molly and Kellan and at the same time drove them crazy. There are some minor subplots that I do hope get answered as the story continues.
There were a few points that I found the story to lag a bit and that is the reason for the 4 stars. It didn’t fully suck me in refusing to spit me out. That aside, I would still recommend this story to anyone. It seemed more romantic comedy to me at times and I was okay with that. I did read the second story and am excited to see where this series will go.

This first story in the new series was entertaining. I liked how the drama that came about wasn’t your same old same old that I have experienced. It was refreshing that the feud was between two shop owners who were afraid to admit the truth.
Molly has it all, well except love. She doesn’t know what to make of the four hot men moving into the space next to her coffee shop. Read along and laugh at the antics and get pissed at their willingness to sabatoge each other.
I don’t think Kellan knew what he was walking in to when Molly came over to their gym. What he got was not what he bargained for. With the guys wanting Molly’s cookies, Kellan has to deal with a stubborn woman he’s starting to fall for and friends who are harassing him every chance they can. Both of them too headstrong for their own good. You will have to read to see if they can overcome their issues and mistakes each makes to foil their HEA.

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