Loving Lo

Winter is coming….oh wait wrong thing…..

What can I say except I’m glad I FINALLY listened to my friend and checked out Winter as an author. I read this last month but am just now getting caught up on reviews. It is going to be a Winter week, so watch out!
This is a short story that introduces you to Lo, the Pres of the Devil Knights MC. He runs into Meg and as they say the rest is history. Well not really but the insta attraction is there in spades.
Meg is an amazing person that has had a rough go in life. Her son is where her heart is at now. She is doing the best she can at being a single Mom and providing for her son as he becomes an adult. I really loved their dynamic and there were aspects I hoped my son and I would have in our relationship as he grows up. She doesn’t think that love is going to find her. Little does she know that Lo has a different idea in his head.
Lo (Logan) is the President. So he’s been there seen that and probably has the memorabilia to go with it. When Meg steps in his life unexpectedly he has to make a decision. Only he knows what he wants. He will have to decide if Meg is worth waiting for or if it just isn’t meant to be.
They will have to learn patience and strength in each other in order to find their HEA. Meg’s insecurities are huge, I felt that she had a lot she had yet to let go of. Lo is just what she needs to bring her out of her shell and into this awesome vibrant woman she is.
With this being the intro story into this series, we also meet a lot of characters. Cyn is Meg’s best friend. I am excited to see where her story goes in the next book. Overall I thought it was a good start to the Devil’s Knights series.

This story was a great intro into this MC series. Overall I enjoyed it and found it a quick and easy read. The drama in it was different from other MC’s I read and found that refreshing. There were some parts where I wanted more from the characters and the story itself but overall found it a good read and will check out the second in the series.
Meg meets Lo in a store. She isn’t sure what to make of him but he sure as (you know what) knows what to make of her, HIS. We get to travel on their journey as they learn about each other and fall in love.
Meg was a fun character to be introduced to. Sometimes I found the constant negativity about her self-esteem a downer, but I know we as women can be very hard on ourselves. She seemed very realistic with her issues, job she settled in to, and life in general. She is doing what she can to make it work for her son and herself.
Lo just knows that he will do what ever he can for Meg. That includes walking away and waiting.
Grab this story and see if their love is strong enough to battle the internal demons and come out on top.

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