Lizzy & Darcy

Are you a Pride & Prejudice fan? If so then check out this adaptation by Grace Watson. It’s my first F/F read but was definitely an enjoyable one. She handled modernizing P&P gracefully and perfectly. I will be honest the first 40% for me was a little dry, but given the spin placed on P&P I wasn’t surprised. (I thought P&P was dry in the beginning too.)
Lizzy Bennet is a recent university grad getting read to work in the real world. Her Mom in all her quirkiness throws a party to celebrate. In walks Darcy and Charlie. It was intriguing to watch Lizzy’s inner battle with all things related to Darcy.
Darcy is such a mystery on how she operates and responds to people. Grace did a wonderful job of having me really not like her at all. It took a lot of little things chipping away at this reader before I was like ‘okay you are good enough to love Lizzy’.
The secondary characters brought so much in to the mix. I don’t even know where to begin. Jane and Charlie, were picture perfect and you could see the hearts popping out of the pages with how their relationship was described. It had me going ‘AWE’ a lot, and then wondering why I had a cavity from all the sweetness LOL. Charlotte, aka Lizzy’s best friend, brought an outside point of view into the Bennet family and the Darcy problem. Charlotte even gets her own chance at being swept off her feet.
Okay I don’t want to go into too much detail because I hate to spoil it for you. The family issues that come in to play are huge and watching Lizzy’s big family deal with them was heartwarming and breaking at the same time. George…I can’t even say a whole lot but I would like him to meet my frying pan. Will, well, he is getting a story of his own and I couldn’t be more thrilled to read it. He was a secondary character that I just wanted so much more from. I hope we see Lizzy & Darcy in his tale. Two things I loved was Lizzy’s Dad calling her Betts, made me smile, and the confusion of where naming Lysander came from, I had a good giggle.
I gave this a four star review because it took me over 40% to really get in to the novel. It’s P&P and I can tell you the original took me even longer to get in a reading groove. That said it was well done and I genuinely do want to read Will’s story.

Some fave lines:
“but there’s just something special about her.”

“…you can’t expect someone to just choose a favorite book, it would be like asking them to choose their favorite child or something…”

If you love P&P you will surly enjoy this new twist on the story. Lizzy and Darcy meet, move to hate each other, and try to figure out if there is love for each other. You will relish this authors take on all the favorite characters from P&P.
Lizzy matured a lot as the story evolved. She had some family battles to over come and some from outside forces. How de Bourgh came in to play was fantastically done. Grace made her fit in the role of this modern tale and it had you rolling your eyes every time her name was mentioned. George, WOW, I mean he was a character. Wanted him to meet my frying pan.
Darcy grew too, but in a way that was more subtle and stronger. I liked how Grace made Lizzy bring out all of Darcy’s sweet.
Overall this was a great adaptation on the P&P storyline. I enjoyed reading Lizzy and Darcy fall in love in this modern tale. Grace still keep some of the classic points of P&P within her tale but modernized it in a way that was refreshing and new.

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