Riled Up

Are you looking for a new author? Well look no further than this blog post. Robin Leaf debuted her first novel Riled Up last week. I felt so bad I couldn’t get this post on her go live date, but had other post obligations. If you have KU then hop on over to Amazon and check this story out.
We meet Vanessa and she is fresh from her doctorate and ready to tackle….she’s not sure yet, but she knows she will make a difference. An opportunity of a lifetime, or nightmare comes her way. She decides to take a chance and treat an Actor for his counseling needs. Little does she know that he isn’t the only one that will be getting treated.
Riley is the all American golden boy of Hollywood. Raised right by his Momma, he is the perfect gentleman. So why is he sulking and hiding? We don’t know and it’s Vanessa’s job to find out. Except Riley doesn’t want to be a job. He just wants to be with her.
The secondary characters are refreshing and make a great addition to the story. I would love more from Darby and Emily. Both need their story *cough*cough* Robin, get on that LOL 😉. I may or may not have jumped up and down when a certain person got what was coming to them. It was definitely standing ovation worthy.
Overall as a debut novel this was a cute story. It had heart, feels, and love. There were some dramatics that had me rolling my eyes with the internal dialogue of the female but all in all it was an enjoyable read.

A great first novel by Robin Leaf. It had me giggling for the most part at the main characters. There is a klutzy and humor about them that you fell in love with. I found it a quick read but no less satisfying.
Vanessa had a lot of quirks and there was a lot to discover about her. She grew in the story as a character but some of her inner dialogue made me want to scream. Vanessa had to learn to open her self up to the possibilities she had in front of her. Sometimes I felt like she was her own worst enemy.
Riley had secrets of his own and the two of them together was like a match and dynamite. It was fun to watch the fuse burn to explosion. He’s not sure what to make of Vanessa, except she gets him riled up in the most frustrating ways possible.
The secondary characters added to this tale and made it well-rounded. It was great to see them step in and help their friends, even when it’s with a harsh dose of reality. I would recommend this and cannot wait to see what is next from this author.

Meet Robin Leaf:

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