Killian’s Secret

It’s out, it’s out!! Happy dance going on. This is a spinoff of the True Mate series. We met Killian in the last novel of the True Mate series. If you haven’t read it, skip this next sentence 😜. He is one of Meredith’s brothers that has come to New York.
There you can look again. We learn that all of the children of Archie had secrets. It is up to each one whether they want to share with their loved ones and let them in. I have to tell you Killian’s secret surprised me. Alicia brought in the suspense and mystery of it all and left you in the dark until she wanted to have it revealed.
Killian never thought he’d settle down and meet a mate. When someone from his past crosses his nose, he can’t help but scent her out. It is like a Mac truck hits him when she shows up at his work. Now Killian has to figure out how to handle his new life and old flame. It’s time for him to grow up in a major way.
Luna is so mysterious. I wasn’t sure what to expect from her but she certainly showed perseverance. I was afraid at first what trouble she would bring. There were so many emotions running through her. I constantly felt like she was waiting for the other shoe to drop on her life.
Meredith is back!! So are some of our other faves from this series but she’s in the forefront. I love the humor she brings. The other moment I laughed my ass off was the closet scene. It just had all sorts of funnies and Connor. Man his grunts had me itching for more from him in the future.
Overall I am loving this new series. I cannot wait to see what secrets we uncover with the other brothers. I was a little bummed how quick the resolution was for Luna, GAH I don’t want to spoil, but it seemed quick. I am giving this a 4.5 for me because there were some key points, IMO, that were ended quickly. I could have done with maybe half a chapter or so. With the rating it will be rounded to a 5 for Amazon but there’s the skinny on my thoughts.

The lone wolves return. Although we find out they aren’t so “alone” after all. Now that they are close by, Meredith makes sure they see each other as often as possible. Her wit and humor shine and help break up some serious moments. She also has a heart of gold when it comes to Luna.
Luna doesn’t know what to expect when she barges in to Killian’s office to confront him. What she found was that she didn’t really know the man she hated and loved. She had a lot to adjust to in order to begin to move on with her new life.
Killian doesn’t know what to do with himself. His bothers and he decided to venture out and stay in New York after they came to track down Meredith. Killian seems like a go with the flow type but boy when Luna comes in the picture does he change into Alicia’s signature protective Lycan. He goes all alpha wolf on her to keep her safe and happy.
We still got to see some of our faves from the True Mate series which is refreshing and flows with the story perfectly.

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