Titan’s Mate

Charlene’s Mate series is back. Taking a break from the dragons to come back to the vampires. We pick up where we left off in this series and with the threats. If you haven’t read this series, I would definitely recommend it. It begins with The Chose Series and moves in to The Mate Series. After that it visits The Bride Hunt Series, but A Mate for Titan can be read IMO without reading The Bride Hunt Series. Honestly it has been so long since I read The Mate Series, that I would even venture to say A Mate for Titan can be read as a standalone. It caught me back up well, and didn’t leave me feeling lost.
Natasha is a bad ass. She is a woman in a mans profession trying to make her mark. After being a police officer, she takes a chance on her dream job of being a FBI Agent. She has a confidence about her but an insecurity at the same time. It’s contradictory watching her exude confidence but at the same time shrink back into the insecurities others have placed in her head.
Titan has a secret. One he will never live down. He is his own worst enemy when it comes to that. Slowly Natasha breaks through and worms her way into his head and heart. He has such a battle ahead of him.
There were some surprises for me as to the outcome of the story. I could have done with about 5 more chapters or so. I feel like the last chapter closed everything up quickly and as a reader I just wanted a tad bit more. Overall this is a good read. This whole series was my first shifter read ever, as long as Charlene writes, I will read because it holds a special place being my first.

Charlene is back with her vampires finding a mate. Titan gets a shot at being knocked off his feet literally. He wasn’t looking for it, wasn’t expecting it, and certainly didn’t want it but he got a mate anyway.
Natasha is the perfect match for Titan. This story evolves over their undercover operation to find out who is attacking the vampires. It is definitely a hate to love story and was fun to read. Both of them are strong and stubborn and need to forgive themselves before they can find comfort in each other.
Some of our favorites are back and it’s great to jump back into the vampire kingdom.
My one sticking point is I wanted more. I felt like the ending just went by SO quickly. I just needed a few more chapters expanding on the closure and it would have been perfect. All in all you can read this as a stand alone or enjoy it with the series and catch up on everyone finding their mates.

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