Digital Suspense

This is another new author for me. Reily Garrett wrote a suspenseful story that had romance, mystery, intrigue, and murder. I told my husband he should read this book to see if he could guess who did it because I was surprised.
I liked the vivid imagery used by Reily throughout the story. It wasn’t just the murders that were detailed down to the minutia, it was also the food, smells, touches, and looks. This story was full of clues, red herrings, and truths. I’m interested to see if the killer is guessed by others who read it. It was a nice change of pace that I couldn’t figure it out.
There were many characters in this story which is the beginning of a series. They all had their unique personalities and traits. You noticed that no two brothers were alike and while they all valued family above all else, they showed their loyalty in many different ways. Lexi fell into their lives and had so much hope blossom over the course of the story. She was young and while appearing to be strong, had some weaknesses that could cost her. She will have to take a chance and do something she’s never done before, trust, in the people whose profession has her jaded and skittish. The family style of all being in law enforcement reminded me a little of the TV show Blue Bloods where all the men of the family were cops.
Your mind will run in many different directions as you try to solve the mystery in time.
My only hang up with this story was how long it took me to get into it. Once I did though, I couldn’t stop. The first 40% or so, I actually walked away from and read two other books in between. The writing style wasn’t bad it was more for me the background building took quite a while and I found myself tired to continue on. That is the main reason for the 4 stars, I could and did put it down for a bit.
I will still definitely check out the next in line for this series. I have a feeling they will develop and progress in a way that I will find satisfying to read.

I dove into digital velocity from the beginning excited about the murder, mystery, and who done it style. It certainly didn’t disappoint and I was guessing right up until the murderer made it known. I had suspicions along the way, but didn’t count on the killer being who they were.
This story covers the meeting of Lexi and Ethan. We also got to meet the whole McAllister clan and although a small part, I hope we get more about their Mom and sister. This big family was always making sure their younger brother, Ethan, was harassed and looked out for in any way possible.
Lexi fell into helping Ethan after he helped her once before. This story is the prequel novella and I would like to check it out. I feel we will learn more about Lexi. She has a background that is jaded, guarded, and lonely. All this makes her into a character that has severe trust issues unless it involves a computer or a dog.
There is a sick twisted killer about in this small town and Ethan and his partner must stop the killer before they go on a spree. Ethan’s partner provided much comedic relief during some tense times while investigating. This investigation will have you looking at clues with them and forming your own plan of who did it and why.
The story was well written with vivid imagery and wordage. While I found it riveting at times, it wasn’t until I was almost halfway through that it picked up and moved along. I found the first half a little sluggish for me personally. There was suspense, drama, love, and tragedy. I would recommend this to anyone that enjoy’s romantic suspenseful reads.

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