Custom Makeover

Layla is back! She is on fire bringing sweet sweet stories that are swoon worthy love. She is back beach side for a custom love story like no other. She had some big surprises in this story it had the drama and suspense I wasn’t expecting. Way to go Layla on making me go….WHAT 😯.
Monroe owns the hair salon in the bustling beach town. She is the cool chick in my opinion. I liked her character for her strength, smarts, heart, and wisdom. When she meets Ezra it all builds into a love that is surprising. When trouble comes in a way she never expected, she has a moment where I could relate. However, she then realizes her inner strengths and is ready to fight for the love she and Ezra share.
Ezra is the new guy in town that has every female swooning. We meet him when his concern for his Mother lands him at Monroe’s doorstep. From that point on, you will fall in love with this grease monkey. Layla gave him a lot of depth as a character. I had so many feels for him during this reading.
When I say there were surprises, I mean it. She packed a heck of a bomb to drop in this story. It was unlike any of her others with what caused the suspense. I have been a huge fan of Layla since I found her in May 2014! I love how her reads have the suspense, drama, and heart but most of all love the HEA she gives them. If you want a good read with no strings of a series check this out. If you like it I recommend you look at her others.

Layla is back with a great stand alone novel. If you have never met Layla before, then check this story out. You will fall in love with Monroe and Ezra as well as want to polish off the frying pan to whack someone upside the head.
Monroe was going along good with her life. She is successful, intelligent, and gorgeous. You can feel the confidence she carries. When fate steps in with a chance meeting she has to decide if taking the leap to love with Ezra will be worth it.
Ezra is your perfect man. He only has one thing missing, love. He is going through the motions to make his business blossom. He never expects Monroe and decides that there is a joy worth fighting for.
The secondary characters were great in this story. They added humor and banter that helped release some tension in the moments. There was some definite anger in there as well. If you want surprises and romance, then this book is for you. Fall in love with Ezra.

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