Just wanted to drop a note if you aren’t on my FB page. There will be no review post today but fear not. I have a lot planned to bring you in the coming days. Below is a list of the upcoming reviews you can expect from me. Tomorrow I’ll be bringing you Layla Delaney and Friday I plan to bring you CM Owens. Thursday will be a boost post I had signed up for. Don’t worry there aren’t many of those. I prefer to write my posts and deliver the good stuff tumbling around in my head.

Custom Makeover – Layla Delaney

Becoming a Vincent – CM Owens

A Mate for Titan – Charlene Hartnady

The Princesses – Alexa Riley (there’s a surprise in the bundle an extra story!)

Dropkick My Heart – Winter Travers

Love on the Mat – Winter Travers

Loving Lo – Winter Travers

Buy Me – Alexa Riley

The Story of Lizzy and Darcy – Grace Watson

I am still reading so this list will only grow. Hope you have a happy safe 4th of July if you are in the US. If not, enjoy the Tuesday and be thankful it’s not Monday.

Peace out girl scouts


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