The Op of Secrets

Jessie Lane is an author I have enjoyed for a while now. She cowrote a series with Chelsea Camaron and I first found her with that. Somehow it has taken me WAY longer than I think necessary to read the first in her Ex Ops Series.
I have read several military romance stories and this one was definitely different from the rest. It was refreshing at how it was different. I found the angst, turmoil, and conflict suspenseful and heart tugging to read. She packed so much emotional turmoil into this story I had to pause before writing this post.
Bobby is the popular high school boy that everyone loved and wanted to be around. He was young, handsome, and fell in love with the girl from the other side of town. He proved to Belle that they were meant to be together, working his way into her heart and soul. Little did he know that all that would change. He would spend the rest of his life trying to get back to good. After his stent in the military, he joins what I call the Secret Squirrel team to go in and do secret ninja shit LOL. When Belle comes back into his life in an unexpected way, he has to work damn hard to make it permanent. However, forces beyond their control will threaten to rip the life from them.
Belle is the girl who had the worst of the worst growing up. When one of her only two constants let her down in the most devastating way she has to run. Years later, she becomes a badass ATF agent. The LAST person she ever expected to encounter in this job was Bobby. From then on the turmoil and struggle coiling tight in her will be unlike anything else. She will have to battle forces that are worse than any nightmare she lived before.
One thing about Belle that made her character great, was she didn’t wallow. She had a crappy life growing up, and yet, she busted every wall in her path to achieve a stability she longed for. She is one badass female lead that you were rooting and screaming for the whole story.
There were some major (IMO) questions though that I felt were left open. I know the storyline continues over to the second in the series, but I worry that the questions I had, won’t be answered. There is a lot personally that I was commenting “wait, that’s it, what happens now”. That aside, I really found this an excellent military, second chance romance read.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
This second chance romance is steamy, suspenseful, and exciting to read. It’s not my first Jessie Lane read but I waited WAY too long to dive into this series. Overall it was a good plot and story line that kept me turning the page until the end. I had a few questions that weren’t answered by the end, but it still was a compelling story.
Bobby had his points where I wanted to kick him. He was every girls dream in high school and that only grew as he did in the military. Regardless of what the others thought he only cared for one, Belle. She was his heart and soul but he drop kicked her heart one day and was left trying to grovel and pick up the pieces when given a second chance.
Belle rocks his world the first time they meet and the second time she causes it to stop spinning. The same holds true for her world for completely different reasons. Kicking you know what at her job and assignments, this one lands her in a position professionally and personally that will shake her core. Fighting for more than she ever knew, she battles to rise above and get her man in both cases.
If you like suspenseful second chances, with twists, turns, and surprises, then check this story out. I don’t think you will be left disappointed.

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