Fighting Love

Let me tell you a little story about books of the month. The clubhouse has a book club where Bink picks 3 stories we can read and talk about. Since this one was on sale at the time, it was selected as one of the monthly reads.
Alana Sapphire is not new to me so I was happy to snag another book of hers. Beyond the Cage is a MMA themed book and I have to be honest I haven’t read many of those. MMA’s tend not to be enjoyable to me. Saying that I really did enjoy this story. My one downfall was the big reveal wasn’t very climactic. I was hoping for something more and it was a bit of a let down. Also the epilogue kinda bummed me. I felt that drama was a bit out of context for the epilogue but that was just me. Overall the story was good and if you like MMA, then I’d recommend this one to you.
Jasmine has this dream of being a doctor. She is super smart, funny, loving and a strong female. I really liked this character. She isn’t your typical heroine and I found enjoyment in that she didn’t put up with shit at all. She was sassy and just all around great to read about.
Cameron is a whole bunch of mysteriousness. I was so enraptured by this story because of him and his character. I was a little bummed at the ending with his story line, but LOVED everything up till then. His story made the read for me. It wasn’t all about the MMA.
Chelsea is Jasmine’s best friend and partner in crime. Finishing college together they are full of fun and life. She helps her friend when matters of the heart come in to play.

Fave line:
“From now on, freeing that beast will be known as “releasing the Kraken.”

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Jump in the cage with this MMA story. Jasmine gets dragged by her BFF Chelsea to a MMA fight. Little did she know that things would change for her. She is working towards her goal of being a doctor. Cameron KO’s her heart and takes it as his own. He does all of this while not talking. One think I LOVED about this story was the communication they had. It was great hearing her interpret what his eyes were conveying.
Cameron won’t talk and it is a mystery as to why he can’t. Jasmine figures one day he will tell her, just like he will tell her what she desperately wants to hear.
No spoiling but there was a surprise in this and I was definitely team Cameron as he saved the day. What did let me down was the big reveal. It wasn’t that big and I just wanted more. The epilogue was also a let down for me. I felt the turmoil in it just didn’t need to be there.
I LOVED that Jasmine didn’t give up on her dream throughout the whole story. She stuck to her goals and aspirations reaching them and knocking it out of the park.

Meet Alana Sapphire:

Grab Beyond the Cage:



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