Jeté of Devotion

Short blog post today. Alexa Riley is back on my kindle with her release from earlier this month, Devotion. I…stalk…I mean follow Alexa Riley on snapchat. She is a hoot and I normally tease her that she’s not really looking at a calendar hehehe. Well I first heard that their next release was going to be about a ballerina on one of her snaps. I messaged with squees, squeals, and excitement. I always love stories with ballet in them. Make it an Alexa Riley gushy romance and it’s perfect penché the whole day.
Seeing as this was a short story, read in about 45 minutes, I won’t take up much of your time today with this post. As I’ve said before I love Alexa Riley stories for their quickness, mushiness, and HEA’s. It is a nice change of pace after heavier reads and always leaves me in a good mood.
Aurora, fitting name ;), is the ballerina rising to the top. She is put in a life by her Mother where her goals aren’t her own. Feeling very depressed, hungry, and heartbroken for love, she says goodbye to the life she knows to be sent oversea’s.
Noah spots Aurora in a performance and can’t contain himself. He has to own her, have her, and love her for all time.
This is a five for me since Alexa Riley gave me all the squishy feels I love. I compare this to their other stories and this was delectably enjoyable.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Piourette into this new Alexa Riley novella full of tutus and love. Aurora dreams of the time when she will be loved, wanted, and accepted. Her life right now if full of hunger, longing, and ballet. Set to dance until her toes fall off, her mother puts unnecessary pressure on her to rise above. She tries to do what she can hoping it will lead to the ending she wants; love.
Noah sees her by accident. He hates the ballet but falls in love the moment he sees her. Stoping at nothing since money is no object, he takes a chance on Aurora. His goal, to make her his, love her, and make babies.
As always the protectiveness is fierce, the love is beautiful, and the ending swoon worthy. Grab this novella today and chassé to a happy ending.

Meet Alexa Riley:

Get Devotion:



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