Demanding Her

Changing gears I snagged the first in this series by Ali Parker. It can be read as a stand alone and has a happy for now ending. You are definitely left with wanting more from Bethany and Damon, but not in a bad way. I found this read cute and enjoyable. There were some moments with Bethany that I wanted to smack her, but I have to remind myself I’m reading a story where the female is young.
Some points that I did enjoy were the bond between Bethany and her Mom. They were very strong together and supported one another. Bethany also had goals, dreams, and aspirations. She really did have a good head on her shoulders for the most part. I actually felt for her with the struggles she had to overcome to get where she’s at in life.
Damon is older by a few years and wiser, or so he wants Bethany to believe. I think there was an emotional immaturity to him. He was your alpha billionaire, but he was definitely an ass when it came to emotions and relationships.
The secondary characters were great. Matt was a fantastic break up between the drama and turmoil of the main characters. I would LOVE to have his story and watch him fall in love. Kent and Bethany’s Mom were also good. I liked seeing the involvement of parents. Even if both came from single parent families there was still a bond, strength, and sense of family that made the story.

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This was a good read by Ali Parker. It is an alpha billionaire read. I found it enjoyable for an intro into the series. It had a lot of drama that related to Bethany and Damon. Bethany is trying to make it for herself. Her goal is to never have to worry about food or money again. I tell you that part in the cafe with her Mom totally pulled at my heart-strings. She has goals and when a speed bump causes her to rethink things, she grasps at whatever straws she can. Little does she know that Damon will rock her world in a way she isn’t prepared for.
Damon just has one focus in mind. Screwing around and making millions with his Dad and their firm. When Bethany waltzes into his life, he’s not sure what to do. He has his immature moments of being a guy that you want to smack.
Matt had me laughing with the over the top personality and antics. Him and Bethany were the sibling combo that anyone would want to have.
Overall I would recommend this cute read to anyone loving the bad boy alpha billionaire romance.

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