Writing Mr. Right

TK Leigh is a new author for me. I love finding new authors and this story was so funny and entertaining. I won’t do a long intro because the release info post is below the horizontal line 😏 (mind totally went south there hehehe).
This story is a romantic comedy and while it had some hilarious moments, there was a tenderness that made your heart melt and swoon. She gave such personality to these characters that you were living and breathing their lives.
Molly made me laugh so many times. Her sarcastic whit, banter, and heart just did it for me. She had a lot to overcome in this story. It was hilarious watching her go through life and dive into her imagination as well as her heart. I was team Molly all the way as she navigated the dastardly crime lords to be saved by Mr. Right.
Noah had a battle on his hands. WOW how he handled things towards the end. I was like NO but then TK made it all better. He had a side that nobody saw, but he showed it to Molly. How TK came up with his responses to Molly had me laughing and swooning. So much swooning going on with him.
Some fave lines:
“The love that fucking hurts and rips you in two, but you’re somehow able to put yourself back together in the hopes of finding that same love again.”
“I want to have Molly sex. Lots and lots of Molly sex.” – HEHEHE I giggled WAY too long at this one.
“I’d never been kissed the way Noah kissed me…with tenderness, with passion, with heart.”
Swooning and laughing through this story is what I did. It had heart, grit, swoons, laughs, and tears. This contemporary romance is fantastic. The zingers in it had me giggling.
Noah had me swooning from the first interaction. He had charm and heart. So much heart. It was more than anyone could ask for. I did have some moments of wanting to introduce him to a frying pan, but he showed Molly what life was about. He even had such a support for her that just melted you on the spot.
Molly is the funnest character. She has these antics and notions of what she needs to do. How she grows just had you jumping on her team and cheering for her through the whole story. I didn’t care if she found Mr. Right, I just wanted her to kick butt and own it!
The secondary characters brought an extra layer to the story. TK handled their side stories flawlessly while she wrote about Molly & Noah. I cannot wait for the next in line, I hope there is one. If you want just an all around feel good story, then give this one a shot!

Title: Writing Mr. Right

Author: T.K. Leigh
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date: June 26, 2017



My name is

Molly Brinks, but most people know me as Vivienne Foxx, bestselling author of

chance meetings, stolen glances, and the much-needed happily ever after. My

addictions include coffee, home improvement television, and the occasional pint

of ice cream. The love of my life is an eighty-pound labrador retriever named

Pee Wee. At the age of twenty-nine-plus-one, I am at the top of my

game…professionally. My personal life is a completely different story, one best

left untold. Success has its sacrifices and I’ve been more than happy to put my

search for Prince Charming on the back burner while I create fictitious tales

of the naïve virgin, the broken girl with a torrid past, and the strong-willed

student finding their own Mr. Right… Until one hell of a case of writer’s block

and a tight deadline set by my publisher forces me outside my cozy downtown

Boston apartment in search of inspiration.

Armed with

an account on every dating website out there, I devise a plan. Meet some nice,

professional men. Go on a few dates. Hope one of them has the spark I need to

finish my book. Then walk away.

But plans

are meant to be broken.

My name is

Molly Brinks, and this is my story about Writing Mr. Right.


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Author Bio


T.K. Leigh,

otherwise known as Tracy Leigh Kellam, is the USA Today Bestselling author of

the Beautiful Mess series, in addition to several other works. Originally from

New England, she now resides in sunny Southern California with her husband,

dog, and three cats, all of which she has rescued (including the husband). In

late 2015, she gave birth to her first (and only) baby. When she’s not planted

in front of her computer, writing away, she can be found training for her next

marathon (of which she has run over twenty fulls and far too many halfs to

recall) or chasing her daughter around the house.

T.K. Leigh

is represented by Jane Dystel of Dystel & Goderich Literary Management. All

publishing inquiries, including audio, foreign, and film rights, should be

directed to her.

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