Perfect Love

This story released yesterday. If you missed it, check out the post on my FB page of her giveaway she’s doing. I started this book and it was a solid 4 but by the end and reflecting on it I bumped it up to a 5. Reasoning for that, I couldn’t put it down, I thought about it while not reading it, I became vested in knowing what happened to the primary and secondary characters. I received this as an ARC, there were some editing issues but I did not drop for that since it was an ARC and wasn’t the final copy. Overall it didn’t detract, but one spot was confusing with name usage.
Elona is a beautiful name, so unique and refreshing. She had goals, aspirations, and dreams. The last thing she wanted when taking a leap at life was to fall in love. Michael stopped her where she stood and she didn’t know how to react. Elona journeys through her final year at college while coming to the realization of what her future holds. The only thing holding her back is the past. She has to overcome the haunts of the accident and what she thought was right.
Michael doesn’t know what to make of Elona except to make her his. He does what he can to make her see what she means to him. When his past comes to head, he will have to work to get his happy ending.
The parents and families in this story were refreshing. They were together, supportive, and deeply in love. The siblings were what you’d expect of any typical teen. It warmed me to read a story that had this set up. The tragedies they faced were done together as a family.
Jess and Laurence, I have so many questions, and want answers. Angela did tell me in an email after I sent one to her, that we can expect a story about them. (insert happy dance)
This story focuses on adults in their early twenties. While they had some drama and idiotic moments of reasoning and thought, they were all very mature. They had a good head on their shoulders and were working hard for the future they wanted. I should also note that while this is a love story, there were not descriptive sex scenes. I am T-totally okay with that (obviously since I gave it a 5) but wanted to throw that out there. I know some people expect it in romance novels, but I’m of the belief it doesn’t make the story. SO there you have my long post about this new release. My review is below along with ways to connect to the author.

This was my first read by Angela Parker. It was emotional, poignant, and moving. I really don’t want to spoil but had so many theories and was surprised by the way things played out. The turmoil they endured before finding each other brought forth a level of growth in each character. While it was your typical teenage issues, we learned that actions can have devastating consequences and sometimes you can just get plan lucky.
Plots in the story were closed up well. I didn’t have questions and Angela left me wanting more from the secondary characters. I can only see her growing more as an author as she continues writing and REALLY REALLY REALLY hope she writes Jess and Laurence a story.
Elona is a girl who got a late start on the college life. She is a quite thinker. I can see where she needs that friend to bring her out of her shell. When she gets to school she is immediately engulfed by Jess. The woman who becomes her best friend. While they aren’t the focal point in the story, you can see through snippets how their friendship evolves in a short time line.
Michael stops everything when his eyes land on Elona. I really enjoyed his maturity and how he grew and cherished Elona. He knew what he wanted in professional and personal life. He is what every Mom would want her son to grow up in to.
The secondary characters were fantastic. They blended into the story so that you felt the dynamics as you were reading. I really want more of them.
While the timeline is quick, the author makes it work. There are also snippets in the past that she seamlessly blended into the present. It was like a movie playing in your mind. I also really admired how the characters were written. They were young and she made them have an air of maturity about them as well as fun. This reminded me so much of my time at school and with my parents. That there is nothing wrong with good clean fun. If anyone is looking for a read that has emotions but isn’t full of drama and suspense is a fantasized way, I would recommend this. It’s a great coming of age book about growth and love.

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