Falling For…

I was contacted to give this story a shot. It’s not a romance novel to me but a young adult paranormal read. I would recommend this story to anyone in High School and college as well as beyond. They are young twenty somethings with a mixture of Angel’s and Demons. I’m definitely loving the angel and demon paranormal department. It’s fascinating to read each author’s difference on how they make and view these worlds.
Tara Benham wrote a powerful coming of age novel in my opinion. It had a lot of deep thought-provoking moments. So much so, that I didn’t want it to end, nor put it down once I was done. I will say this is a content for now ending. There are two more in the series and as soon as I get over the next few stories I am reading I plan to go back and get these two. Seriously if you are just looking for good paranormal then grab this book. I can picture myself letting my son read this as he gets to high school. Definitely makes you think on a higher level, good or bad, and the choices you make.
Bayla is normally the angel to insure events take their natural course. She is sent on a mission that is different from anything she’s done in the past. She also has been given help on this mission. Not fully understanding all the help and players in the game, she does some unconventional things. I love how Tara describing Bayla’s thought process when tasked with a mission. The descriptiveness of her as an angel set a tone that drew you in like Hannah wanting to touch the ethereal wings.
Hadraniel is the blue sent to protect Bayla and ensure she completes her mission. He is a wise character that intrigues Bayla and garners her respect. They develop a sibling bond that I don’t think will ever be broken.
Declan is a wild card. I’m trying to figure him out and even in the end I’m left with more questions than answers. He crashes into Bayla’s world and throws it off kilter. Not stopping to explain he realizes what he had too late in the game. Even heavenly love doesn’t have the strength required.
Hannah was a lovable young adult. She had this quality about her that everyone wanted to be her friend. She was compassionate and honest. When she needed to step up, her resolve steeled her to do what she didn’t think she could.
Father Paul is like a true father to Bayla, guiding her and supporting her. I feel like reading the next two in the series we might get more about his hand in all this. My gut tells me he knows so much, but that could just be me speculating.
I have so many questions and I don’t want to spoil. But do we ever find the reason behind the time change? Do we find out about Gray? Do we learn Bayla’s truth? If you read this please tell me your thoughts, I always love to hear them, not just on this one but any story.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
What an exceptional paranormal read. Angels and Demons come to an event that will leave part of Earth devastated. Each designed with a task, they work against each other to change the outcome planned. I feel like there is so much to say in this review and yet it would spoil it. Bayla has to work to save Gray. She is given orders and must complete her mission. Never one to fail, she will stop at nothing to succeed in her mission. When to many external forces are beyond anyone’s control, she will stop at nothing to give her all for the mission. There are secrets that she finds clues to them, but is forced to not solve. Will she solve them anyways? Will she complete her mission? For the first time will she fail? I cannot even begin to say everything about this story. If you are looking for a fantastic read about angels, demons, and humans then check out this story. Tara was a new author to me but is a fantastic storyteller that weaves words into a full length movie in our mind.

Meet Tara Benham:

Grab before Falling:



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