Walkout Love

Diving back into Lila Rose’s MC world with Walkout was perfect. She has the Hawk’s MC series with the main charter and the split to the Carolina Springs charter. If you haven’t read any in her series I highly recommend them. They are all fantastic to read and I think my favorite is with Blue, although they each are unique and intriguing in their own way.
This is a short novella but still packs the MC punch of Lila’s stories. It picks up with Melissa who came in at the call of Julian to help the Hawks save one of their own. While helping out in the previous story, she meets Dallas. Dallas knows from that meeting that this girl is his in every way. You can read this as a stand alone but we do find out in the previous story that Melissa has secrets nobody knows about, not even her bestie Julian.
Melissa has secrets she won’t tell anyone about. She is strong and determined to make it out of everything alive. She will not give in and will fight till her last breath. She thought she snuck away but little does she know Dallas found her.
To me, Dallas was a more unknown man in the Hawks MC. We find out that he has his sights locked in on Melissa. He wants her more than his next ride. When he finds out part of her secret it knocks him off-balance. But, in true alpha fashion, he will dominate her waking thought to determine if she’s as messed up over him as he for her.
A majority of our favorite characters from this MC are back in this short novella. We get lots of Julian time which is always fun and refreshing with the MC. They tackle the threats as a brotherhood and work to help Dallas get his girl.

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While a short novella, it still packed a punch in the story. It is time for Dallas to get an ol’ ball and chain LOL. He figures out Melissa is the girl he could change for and decides to go get her and bring her home. What he finds when he goes to get her, might stop him in his tracks. However, everything is not what it seems and the Hawks MC will have their work cut out for them as they come together to keep one of their own safe.
Melissa is skilled and can do many crafty things with the computer. After helping Julian, she goes back to a nightmarish place to continue her fight. When things get bad, she is ready to die for what is right.
Dallas finds out what Melissa has been hiding. He stops at nothing to protect her and claim her as his own. He will call in all the favorite Hawks members to help him out. He even plays nice with Julian which had me rolling at times.
While this review is short, I really enjoyed the novella. Don’t want to spoil, so you will just have to grab it for yourself and read it. You can read this by itself, but I would recommend you check out all of the Hawks stories by Lila.

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