Jumping way out of the normal for me this is a Male/Male erotic read. I know it might not be for all of my followers, but if you are intrigued, I say go for it. I wrote my review and after I did, realized there was so much more to comment on and about. Luckily I can make a blog post for it 😉.
Okay, head first into the deep end. This has BDSM content, lots of male on male romance, some psychological/emotional moments, and a whole bunch of other things you might take offense to. If ya do, don’t read it, and don’t be mad at me or the author if you do read and don’t like it. You were warned. However, you want to explore a new world, Bink will definitely take you there.
This is my fourth (maybe fifth) M/M read of all time. My second one of all time was His Boy by Bink Cummings. It was really good and totally different from this story. I think it’s a great one to read to pop your M/M cherry if it needs popping.
Michael is man in his twenties that knows part of what he was meant to do in life. That part was to be a submissive. He lives for it, loves it, and enjoys the way it makes him feel. When Master Kellan comes in to Michael’s world, it rocks him where he stands. He isn’t sure what to do with these feelings and how to overcome them. Sometimes the best thing to do is to give into those dark desires and ride the wave.
Master Kellan has secrets and dreams. While he is the dominant in the relationship, he realizes that Michael could and would bring him to his knees. Finally manning up (IMO) he gets his shit together to make his dreams reality.
Master Croy brought out a level of hate in a reader that will have you sharpening you knives. Master Jones, I really want his side of things. I think it would be very intriguing to hear his take on the events that came in to play. That’s just me with wanting to know more from his POV.
There were some hard moments in this story for me. It was very emotional for Michael. One thing that made it a 5 for me was that he didn’t overcome all of it with sparkles and glitter. It was raw, gritty, and still at the end you could see his struggles. You never truly felt like it was the end though, I feel like I can drive to the town, grab a cupcake and hang by the pool with Michael.
Bink is an amazing story-teller for me. Every story she’s written paints such a vivid picture that it leaves you staring into space when you are done. Since finding her stories, she has become one of my favorites for her style of writing alone. It is unique, fresh, and so much more.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
So this is maybe the fifth m/m story I’ve read. This one gave an emotional tale of two men finding love. There were some rough points that just broke my heart for Michael.
Michael is the young man who is afraid to dream of his happily ever after. This was very emotional and to me a lot of psychological abuse. Bink did well at showing his struggle of not only being a submissive but also overcoming his past experiences. As a reader I felt for him and how he didn’t perfectly overcome everything. She made a raw character with flaws and a heart that just wanted love.
Master was written in a way that you could feel the power and struggle he has. He dominates Michael but has this hold on his emotions he refuses to let go of.
I don’t want to spoil but this is an interesting tale on a commune, BDSM lifestyle, and dom/sub relationship. My one bummer moment was that everything with Master’s life was concluded in the epilogue. I get it because they were more like tertiary characters but me being the selfish me wanted more in that are of resolution. Overall if you like to break the mold and read different stories then check this one out.

If you’ve never met Bink, check her out here:

Grab His Master:

Love and shout out to the SS’s and how awesome they are. 💖



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