Love’s inTense

If you were here for yesterday’s post, then you know how I found Deborah and that I love her stories. She has the drama but humanity in it. You feel like if you went to New York, you would be able to track down each and every character in her stories, they are that realistic. Sure they make some misguided decisions but they are human and have to learn to forgive, love, and find happiness through the pain.
We were left with a crazy cliffhanger and I can tell you, that was not one I saw coming. I had my thoughts on what it would be but Deborah surprised me. If you are new to her, this is a common arc within her stories. Each couple has something to overcome. Some you can guess, but this one had me surprised.
Nicholas is trying to pick up the pieces after his world is shattered. He has to fight in a way he has never fought before to get back all that matters to him. After being humbled a little bit in the first story, we get to watch him grovel.
Sophia rises above and we find out that her strength and support knows no end. She has a team of friends and colleges in her corner that help her rise above.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
If you read the first, then you are hopefully reading this review to dive into the conclusion of Tense. This won’t be a long review because I really don’t want to spoil it. Nicholas, well the humble pie wore off and after the cliffy from book one, he had to grovel like there was no tomorrow for a sliver of HEA.
Sophia rose above, and is reaching the stars and beyond. Her dreams are coming true professionally and personally are crashing like an airplane. Cadence is the faithful friend that supports Sophia on her dream to love, happiness, and life.
This is the HEA you want for Nicholas and Sophia. It will make you all warm and squishy inside with all the lovely feels.
If you are new to Deborah, then grab Tense One and Two and get introduced into her world. One thing about it is you won’t feel lost even though some previous couples make appearances.

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Then go buy the book here (I’m trying to be creative 😉):


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