Tense for love

I’m a big Deborah Bladon fan. I first found her thanks to a fave author, Layla Delaney. She was reading one of Deborah’s earlier stories and I inquired who she was reading and how the story was. Well many rabbit holes later, I have read every single story she has out (I believe…hope so LOL).
I was so excited for Tense to be released. We got a sneak peek at the end of one of her other stories and I was excited to see where the famous Nicholas Wolf was going to land with finding love. Sophia is just doing what she has to until she gets that moment to shine. Nicholas rocks her world and throws her for a loop. She has to keep her wits about her to succeed in her dream.
One think I really enjoy about Deborah’s stories is the heroines all have goals. They have dreams, and aspire to rise above anything standing in their way to achieve them. These females are book smart and intuitive. Sophia is no different from this and you can relate to her. You want her to succeed.
There are some old favorites that come back into the scene and help either Sophia, Nicholas, or both. I always enjoy when we she weaves in the old favorites with the new stories.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Volume one was completely fantastic and worth the wait! I’m so excited to have Nicholas’ story and to meet more of Sophia. Now this is a cliffhanger of an ending, so when you grab this one, snag book two as well so you don’t have to wonder.
Nicholas is such a jerk when we first meet him. I can tell you what, I wanted to have him knocked down a peg or 20 LOL. He met Sophia and that’s just what she did. Watching him eat some humble pie did his body and soul good. Once he did, he opened up to Sophia and the chance at happiness. There was some shocker moments that we learn about Nicholas. We also learn just how small the world of New York is in Deborah’s stories.
Sophia is a talented young lady. She is working hard at her goal and dream. Her friends are there to support her and help her to take a chance on love. What happens couldn’t be further from love. When her world is shattered into oblivion I picture her like a phoenix and ready to rise above.

Find Deborah here:

Grab Tense Volume One:



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