Memories of Me

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I had to sit on this one for a bit. Dani Hart wrote a hell of a story. I’m not even sure how to write this blog post without revealing anything. Some of why I had to sit on it was all the drama to sort through. It was suspenseful and I had a ton of questions. Most of them were answered but I really wanted more for Grady.
Baylor wakes up not remember who she is or what she’s doing. She comes too and has no idea about anything. When a perfect stranger to her comes to her aid, she is a sea of emotions and turmoil. She is trying to find out what she wants out of life and why she feels attracted to Brandt. Befriending Nichole’s who is a psych major helps her as they embark on the journey for her to remember.
Brandt is a mystery for the first half of the book. It is INSANE in part two. I think my jaw dropped as I read the second part with him. He is SO strong and the fact that he didn’t break or give up just melted my heart. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect male character in a book. He meets Baylor as she forgot her memory and feels this intense attraction to her. His fear is will Baylor remembering be his downfall.
Grady is the mysterious man to come to Baylor’s rescue when she wakes up not knowing who she is. Turns out he’s Brandt’s brother. As the story progresses I think I feel for him more than Baylor. We learn some secrets that should’ve maybe been kept hidden.
I’m giving this a five because I had to sit on it, it really made me feel for these characters even if the drama was over the top at times, and it wasn’t your typical HEA romance. There was heartache, pain, soul-searching, and trauma that culminated to a love story like no other.

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This was a struggle to rate for me. At first it was a really interesting read. Then part two, blew me away. There is a LOT of drama to sift through. I felt that it might have been over the top unbelievable and yet, it kept me intrigued, wondering and reading.
This does have a HEA but it’s a long arduous road to get there.
Baylor seems like a level-headed girl. The picture we get of her when she wakes from her memory loss is that she is loyal, friendly, and sensible. Her only wish is to remember but at what cost. She is falling for Brandt and does she really want to remember and lose what she’s gained since waking up.
Brandt and Grady come to Baylor’s aid as she has nowhere to go and can’t even remember her name. They act odd around her at times which definitely had you thinking twice about this whole story.
Part Two – well all I can say is WOW. Read it because it just floors you! The whole story will leave you speechless and scratching your head wondering what did I just read. It does this in a good way.
Dani took all the drama and suspense that seemed surreal and packed it into a heck of a novel. I would have loved more Grady. I hated the characters at a time, but loved them at the same time. If you are looking for a mind trip of a romance read then check out this heartbreakingly beautiful tale.

Title: Memories of Me
Author: Dani Hart
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Re-release Date: June 12, 2017


*Inspired by true events*
(Characters are a work of fiction)
When you close your eyes and open them again you expect to
see the world as it was a fraction of a second ago. Maybe a slight change from
a passing breeze, but you are still in the same place, unmoving and unchanged.
You don’t expect to be somewhere else where the faces are unfamiliar. Where you
are unfamiliar. 
With one blink I had no family, no home, no name, and no
past. I was alone, until I met the Reilly brothers. They gave me purpose again.
A reason to trust. A reason to love. A reason to rebuild a life full of
forgotten memories. Together, they would try to rewrite my history.

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Author Bio

I have always been drawn to words. They have this magic to touch my soul when I need it the most, whether through reading or writing. My love for writing started as most little girl’s with a diary. It evolved into a big girl journal and then transformed into a notebook of poetry during the dark days of high school. I followed my dream to USC (University of Southern California) to study theatre, creative writing, and screenwriting. Finally, I understood how to take the stories in my head and commit them to paper. I was fortunate enough to sell my first professional script during college and have been writing ever since. In 2013 I took to self-publishing. I realized quickly that my passion resonated across many genres, so currently I have published young adult, fantasy, paranormal, dystopian, new adult, and women’s fiction. With both of my kids in school full-time now I am able to immerse myself in my passion more and when I’m not writing I’m enjoying the short time I have with my babies and my husband.

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