The Power Play

Now this is just my opinion but I feel like Zoey Ellis is going to be an author that will be a force in the paranormal romance reads. Her stories are exceptional and I cannot put them down. She draws you in from the beginning and won’t release her hold on you until you are good and ready.
If you read the first in this powerful series, then you know it ends in a cliffhanger. This is the second in the trilogy and will end in a cliffy as well. I am normally one to stay away from cliffies until they are all out. This story though, OH EM GEE! I cannot get enough of the world Zoey created.
Too much power can ruin you and everything that means the most to you. I could NOT put this book down once I picked it up. I was anxious, nervous, and hopeful as I read. I really love Cam and Thea and have been team Thea since the beginning.
When we left off Thea had just entered the Angel Realm. I felt for Thea in this story. She has grown so much and at the same time is still scared and unsure of many things. Thea uses her knowledge to her advantage and quickly starts to blend in. With her history we are given so many more clues and snippets that make you want to know it all. You have to wait until the third for the answers but if you are like me, you are itching to know. My heart-felt for Thea as she realized what being in the Angel Realm means and what she misses in the human world. She gives up so much of her comforts and securities only to have Cam not acknowledge them in the right way.
Cam goes even further from what I thought he would. To me the second in this series focuses more on Cam and what he’s been through and has to endure. Cam has more internally to overcome. There was one point with Asteroth that I was like WHUAT?!?!

Can I say I want Zak’s story! I’m thinking Amber needs a HEA too LOL. I’m so vested in these characters.
I really don’t want to spoil but there are so many surprises that come about. There is a lot of turmoil, heart-break, and just real emotions. When everything clicked for Thea with Cam I was cheering but then he had his trials and tribulations I was feeling dread. I thought it was too late. There was a shocker point and I am now anxiously awaiting the third in the series. My chuckle moment is how she made sure everyone called her Thea. Love how she reserved that side of her for Cam.

No matter what I type it won’t do this story justice. Zoey has made me so vested in this series. The complexity of these characters is such a way that there are so many levels and sides to them. I said in my first review that I was team Thea and this book only solidified my stance. No matter what happens, I just want her to come out on top. I have my theories and I’m going to keep it to myself.
We learn more about Thea’s past in this one. We also see how she rises and struggles to live in the Angel Realm. She has to find inner strength that I don’t think she knew she possessed. While guilt eats at her in some spots, she tries to rise above it and become stronger.
Cam is facing his biggest challenges yet. He is the Power angel that in his mind will protect the Realm, but at what cost. Cam’s arrogance got to me in this story. I had so many struggling emotions with this male lead. I LOVED that. He had so many non angelic qualities it made for an interesting character.
Zoey has outdone herself in my opinion. The first sucked me in to her world, but this one, the second has vested me into this series as a whole. I would recommend this to anyone that loves angels/demons and paranormal love.

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