Love worth lasting

Jen Durand is yet another new author for me to add to my ever-growing list that I found. I had a chance to read this story about a second shot at love. This was a really cute story. I found it flowed easily and I was able to read through in a fairly quick amount of time (hubby says I’m a speed reader LOL). Anyway, the love written in this story is the kind of love that you can feel in your bones.
Jen wrote characters that you could relate to and feel for. You wanted them to come out on top and have the second chance that would last forever. This story covers a fairly wide time frame of the characters in this short story. Overall I found it enjoyable but definitely would have loved some more on each of the main characters.
Luca is what I would say the all American boy. Graduated high school to go into the military. I felt he did this because it was what was required of him. Also, I felt he had this itch that settling in a hometown would have just made worse. He has a strong sense of self as he grew up once he left home. He has one huge regret and isn’t even sure how to overcome the guilt he feels.
Olisa is content to be in her home town. She is a strong female that had a clear path of what she wanted in life. Luca made that dream shatter. She bounced back and I love how she made do with what she could.
Overall if you are looking for a second chance romance then this would be a good book to check out. It was a quick read so there were some points that I could have used more about certain things, but overall found it enjoyable for a short story. There were some lines and moments that were totally swoon worthy. I am absolutely horrible at highlighting while I read. I’ll get better, but normally I get so involved in the story I forget to highlight lines I like LOL.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
This is a cute story about second chances. There were some points that I felt came to conclusion quicker than I’d like, and there were others I had questions on, but overall if you are looking for a second chance read then check this one out.
Luca left his hometown behind for a military life. Thinking that is what was required of him, he sets off to make his father proud. When his father is sick and not the man he once was, he must return home to the love left behind.
Olisa isn’t sure what to make of Luca. She knows that she still feels in her heart and soul they are to be together. Even after they split, she ends up back in his life in a unique way.
This story is full of love, second chances, and finding out how great you are together. I really enjoyed the cute read and if you like military men and fighting for second chances then check this story out.

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