Snowed Love

Deliaria Davis is a new author I found. Notice a trend lately? I’m finding a lot of new to me authors and I’m enjoying it. Her story jumped into my kindle and I launched into reading. This was a cute short story with a HEA. There was some drama and over dramatic moments but it played well with the personalities of each character.
Daniel seemed like a typical suit guy. Working way to many hours to invest in the family business. When he is burned and trust is broken in even the most basic way possible he thinks going off the grid will bring back his center. As the story went along there were some crazy moments that I was shaking my head wondering why he was doing the things he was but that was the dramatic moments for you.
Alexa too has secrets and trust that was broken almost beyond repair. I could see why she was guarded and hesitant to love again. I also felt that it played into her over the top actions when she was beginning to feel.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Get snowed in with this cozy short story. Snuggle up to a fire and crash into the crazy world of Daniel and Alexa and they experience some crazy issues and face their feelings.
Daniel is trying to not think about what happened. He is trying to reclaim his sense that he can make good choices. His trust is frayed and he is scared to death before he accepts Alexa’s place in his life. The place as a housekeeper to his Alaskan mansion out in the wilderness.
Alexa is trying something new. She has been beaten down and promises to rise above. Confident that she can stand on her own two feet, she will take a job that will knock her right back off them. When things change beyond anything she can imagine, she must face the music.
Overall this was a really cute story with lots of drama. The plots were closed up well but the conclusion was a bit abrupt for me. It had funny moments that had me giggling while reading. If you are looking for a cozy, fun read then I recommend you check this story out.

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