Oh Captain, my Rum Cake

After yesterday’s heavy post, I wanted to make sure today would be a fun read for you. There is funny moments in this romance read by Lauren Rowe. I tell you if I get to meet her one day I will be happier than a pig in mud.
I’m not even sure how I first found Lauren’s books but it all started with The Club series for me. It has followed into an obsession of reading anything she writes because it’s that good in my opinion. The Club series while having it’s humorous moments are more serious of a read IMO. Captain is funny but Ball Peen Hammer is hilarious! I actually have BPH on audio and hearing Lauren narrate it herself, well that made it the best audio book I’ve listened to. As I dove in to Captain I noticed Lauren’s voice in my head. Seriously, I had just finished BPH on audio, so I knew her voice from that and started Captain. I hear her talking the voice of Keane and Ryan. I was chuckling all the live long day.
Now if you are new to Lauren, I’d recommend EVERYTHING of hers but you might not know where to start. Well she made this handy-dandy post on FB with the chronological order of things. Did I read it in this order….NO….I read The Club series (all of them) first, BPH, then Captain. Was I lost and confused…nope again, I wasn’t lost or confused. If however you are a stickler for following things in chronological order and cannot deviate from that standard, then Lauren made this list. You can read them in the following order and your timeline won’t warp like the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Club 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, Captain, Ball Peen Hammer, The Club #4. Best part, they are all part of the KU family if you have it.
Tessa was a fantastic female to meet. We also got to go back to being with the Farday’s and let’s all admit to ourselves that they are awesome. She is the brains for Josh that keeps things running smooth in his corporate world. She is quick, smart, honest, and guarded. This girl has fears holding her back from rising to her true potential in the love department.
Ryan “Rum Cake” Morgan, aka Captain is just like you would expect a Morgan to be. He has values, goals, dreams, and was raised to know how to treat a lady. He has to change tactics when he realizes that his HEA is not going to be quick, easy, and painless. He is the second oldest of the Morgan clan, and watching him fight for Tessa was swoon worthy and funny.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Watch out the Morgan boys are back and it’s Rum Cake’s time to meet his match. He finds THE ONE on a whim one night and then looses her. As he goes on his greatest quest to find and win over the girl who holds his soul after a short night, he will encounter dangerous seas on this voyage. Captain, Ryan, must come to terms with how his actions have played out for the beautiful Tessa. He will enlist the help of all our faves to get the girl and make her his. While doing this, he continues to work towards his life long professional dream that you hope becomes just as much a reality as his love dream.
Tessa is in the group and Morgan family without even knowing it. She wedged her way in just by being the sexy, smart, fun, loving woman she is. Working for Josh Faraday over the  years has taught her a lot. She is using that knowledge to keep her heart guarded and stay far away from the Captain.
One night of mistakes and white lies, leads to explosive volcanic heat in Maui. The hate sex comes to life for these two. Problem is will they overcome the hate to realize the true love behind it?
I couldn’t put this book down, just like I couldn’t with any Lauren read. Captain was a perfect addition to this world she created. It is a standalone but I would recommend them all. I was so excited to meet more of the Morgans and see all of their personalities.

Find and Meet Lauren here:

Grab Captain, Free on KU:


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