Love that’s Tainted

I’m going to start off by saying this isn’t a love story but a story about living a life with love. I commented in a FB group that I’d love to be selected to read it. Little did I know…….what I was signing up for. I don’t even think I can put in to words all that this story made me feel. It hit me on a super personal level and I became vested in these characters lives.
There is no HEA wedding with hearts, flowers and such. I’m warning you now so that nobody reads expecting it to be there. There is however, truth, honesty, life, happiness, and a bond that is so strong you will not want to walk away from it. This story is up there with my all time top 5 emotional reads. It will pull at your every fiber reminding you you are human and to live life to love it.

Hendrix comes into adulthood with a level head and gleam in his eye. He starts out so confident in knowing what he wants and doesn’t. Then Trinity walks in and he is done. Things start making sense and he realizes that she is his forever in a lifetime.
What made this story step out above all others is the reality of it. You could be friends with them, know them, find them walking down the street. Everything Gillian covered was on a level unlike any other. There are a lot of hard topics and issues here. If you have triggers, you might want to stay away. If not, please read a book that I feel will change you and make you see the life to live with love.
One thing I want and don’t ever know if we will get is a sequel. There are so many things that I would love to see. I’m afraid if I type them out there will be some spoilers. Where it ended left it so open but raw, real, and truthful. I flew through the pages in this book but honestly it was a long timeline that worked. You didn’t feel rushed or that the characters were rushed. It all flowed seamlessly and existed on a realm like no other. I do not want to spoil this story, for I could go on, and on, and on about it.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Where to begin with this 5 star review. If I could leave a million stars I would. This story just moved you. I joke often that I’m cold hearted and never cry during reading. Well this is number 3 in my life that made me cry. I give a standing ovation to the author. If I could ever meet her to shake her hand I would. Words cannot fit properly in a review to describe the level this story takes you to but I will try.
This is not a love story but a story of living a life with love. You will not find a HEA in these pages but you will find love. You will not find a HEA but you will find life. You will find perseverance, strength, fortitude, family, and so much more. Hendrix and Trinity’s story is on a level like no other. They overcome so much only to overcome more.
Trinity has this strength and grace about her that I am in awe of. She fights for it all and does not let up one bit. She is an amazing character. There is so much depth, knowledge, and understanding that she possesses. I cannot even begin to describe the level I felt for her. She is just unlike any female character in a story I’ve read to date.
Hendrix is just one surprise after another. He is a male character that raises the bar high. He is the type of man that you hope to find, and hope your son grows up to be. My heart felt for him in a way that I can’t describe.
Gillian did this story justice. I could feel the heart, soul, and emotion put into this story. While it is not a HEA you will expect, it is a story I feel everyone should read. There are more adjectives than I can type to say how moving this story is. LOVED IT!

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