Yet another newsletter freebie to meet author Sarah Stone. The paranormal kick is going full force with me as Unbearable Love takes us on what I’m going to call the beginning of Samuel’s journey.
This is not a HEA, I will warn you now. It is a story of heart break, love, trust, and a bond so strong that you will be riveted to your kindle. I was happy this wasn’t a HEA story. It suited the flow of the plot and when I knock down some on my TBR list, I plan to check out the rest in this series.
Sarah created a world where shifters, magic, and humans existed with a battle looming. I felt like there is so much more to come and be discovered from this tale.
Samuel is a guardian and protector. He is also a lover, philosopher, and lonely bear. He bound into the forest and found Rowena. She is a young witch who has such a future ahead of her. Rowena was a character that had quirks to make her funny and at the same time so much wiser beyond her years.
The journey Samuel and Rowena went on is bigger than either one of them realized. They are up against so much more than they could anticipate. The love they felt grew into a familial love. There is more of a destiny waiting to unfold.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
I really liked this intro into Sarah’s series. She is a new author to me and the more I sat on this story to write the review, the more I realized it was a 5 star for me. It is not your typical HEA, hearts and flowers happy ending. It is rough and raw with a growth of love on a friendship level. It introduces us to some things that will begin to happen in her Shadow Claw prequel. I’m interested to see how it is intertwined together with the next in the series.
Rowena is a surprise. I liked her quirkiness and how she handled meeting Samuel. There was this calm about her that amidst it all was unnatural at times. She did not panic when there were times she should have. She saw something in Samuel and while in the beginning you think it is love, you realized their connection is greater than that.
Samuel has many strong qualities for a bear and man. He saves Rowena and when the time comes sets her free.
I think what I’m more interested for is Samuel to find peace in this series. I don’t want to call it HEA but peace for him would be a good thing.
I do hope we get to see more of these characters as the series moves along.

Want this story? Go to Sarah’s website and you can snag it for free. What a great way to find a potential new author.


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