Waking the Dragon

This short story is a cliffy and continues on to another book in a six part series. Rinelle Grey brought a new twist to the dragon and mates. While things are crazy, this short story did hook me enough to want to see how the HEA ends for them at some point down the line of my TBR list. I will say because it continues into the second book, it’s only a content for now point.
Karla stumbles upon waking up a dragon prince Taurian. What little we meet of Taurian, he is unsure of the world in which he’s woken up to. All that he knows is things have gone terribly wrong. As the short story unfolds you find there is a strong attraction to Karla and he wants to prove to her that she is destined to be mated to him.
Karla is home for a time because she’s unsure of where life is taking her. Not feeling confident in the direction it’s going, she stumbles upon Taurian. We are left wondering if she will believe the far fetched things that are happening as a new norm or will she write off all that Taurian is and told her.
While this is a short post today, I would recommend checking out Rinelle and her stories. It was a fun short easy read that had differences from previous shifters I’ve read.

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This was a cute short story introducing me to Rinelle’s dragon series. It does end in a cliffy point but it’s not a surprise because you are told it continues on in book 2.
Karla is running from a life she is not sure she wants any more. I like that she is smart and trying to make a great future for herself. She comes home to sort out her matters of the heart.
She finds Taurian after a mysterious man leads her on a search of land that is to be destroyed. Taurian wakes to find nothing is as he left it. Karla isn’t a dragon and they do not mate as he thought would happen.
I found this intro a good read. The itching was a fascinating added twist and I’m curious as to why Taurian slept so long. It was an easy read but I would recommend it to someone looking for a quick dragon paranormal story.

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