Forbidden Love

Charlene is back and so are the dragon’s. I first found Charlene thanks to author Bink Cummings recommending Chosen for the Vampire Kings series for me. It was 6 books and I had a blizzard outside so those six were consumed in two days. From that point on I ravished the stories written by Charlene.
This story introduces us to the earth dragons and moved to the top of the list as my fave of hers in this series. Although, I felt like I walked away with more questions than answers, it still engulfed me. The dragons are trying to remain hidden to the humans and remove their greatest weakness. Research is going on in the earth kingdom, to hopefully make them stronger than ever.
Louise is the lucky scientist that took the job to help the dragons combat their weakness. Going about it in a scientific manner she discovers so much and gains more than she bargains for. I could relate to her practical mind and found myself laughing at her reasoning sometimes. She tried to be so strong, stronger than granite (hehe). In the end how their love story came about was unique and different.
Granite is more stubborn than an ox. I’m not sure any of the dragon kings were this pig-headed. More often than not he was surprised by his actions, and attraction to Louise. When he finally gets hit upside the head with reality he stops at nothing to claim his family.
I am anxious to see where Charlene takes the series. It has an arc that flows over the whole series based on continuing the dragon race. That said, the arc has expanded to raise many questions that I am eager to learn the answers too.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
What do you say except the earth dragons rock. Okay bad pun, but still, this was hands down my favorite in the dragon series by Charlene. We get several new secrets revealed and it only leaves me itching for more answers.
Granite has a kingdom to run and a family to drive him nuts. He has no time for a mate, true love, and heirs of his own. He just wants to keep the dragons safe from humans and have his clan become resistant to what could kill them. Little does he know his arrangement with Louise will lead him on his greatest quest. Granite was a you know what. He really had me disliking him for a long time. I think I swooned when he was with Breeze and Volcano. Having him FINALLY realize things was great and how Louise made him work, even better.
Louise is quirky and so unlike the other females from the stories before. I LIKED that more than words can say. It was great to see her work and home life. She wasn’t just a poor helpless person and instead had a strong, smart head on her shoulders. How she didn’t bend or yield to Granite let me know she met her match in him. She had to fight hard to earn the trust of several in the earth kingdom. How she earned it was touching and heart warming. Louise was sent to help them and she feel very passionately about it all. Even more so she feels for Granite. Knowing it’s wrong, she does what she can to keep things at bay but all that changes and she must adapt. I really enjoyed how she was written. Her personality and feelings made the story memorable.
Overall if you’ve read the series then this is a must. If you haven’t then you can snag this one and wouldn’t be completely lost. I would recommend you check out Charlene’s dragon series from the beginning though. If you like dragon shifters then I suggest you check this series out.

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4 thoughts on “Forbidden Love

  1. Zoey E says:

    Love me some dragon shifters! I think my next series will be dragon shifter romances. I like Charlene H too, but have only read one book of hers for some reason. Need to rectify that! Great review! x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Heather Wavra says:

    I’m ready for a new series and this looks like a great place to venture. Your reviews are always helpful in leading me in the right direction!

    Liked by 1 person

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