Jump in with the conclusion of the True Mate Series. Completely diving into my opinion. Book 5 was a show stopper, we were wowed and as much as I loved it, I’m so glad Meredith and Daric got their story. I think the ending would have been expected, whereas this led to so much more discovery about the world Alicia created.
I must confess that I wanted more of Meredith. I couldn’t get enough and was continually itching for more of her as a person. She is a very well planned out character. I couldn’t stop admiring what all she overcame, has done, and will do. I’m hopeful we get to see more of her even if it’s just appearances as the next series develops.
Daric brought about a broken and damaged character. What he endured and surpassed to have Meredith moved me. He fought for what he thought was right and in the end just fought for the right thing.
It was great seeing everyone again for the final battle. There were some twists I wasn’t expecting and that made for an enjoyable climax where you suspected the outcome. You are also introduced to new characters that I have a feeling will lead to some moving stories by Alicia in the future.
Having been with this series from the beginning, I can honestly say I would read it all again many times over. The characters created felt real, genuine, and like they really existed. It made the supernatural blend into the natural in a way that had you cheering, rooting for the underdog, and screaming for CREED!

What can I say except what an ending. I’m happy Alicia concluded the series with Meredith and Daric. They deserved to get their justice, love, and happily ever after. It wasn’t without a lot of turmoil and trials but they succeeded. If you have never read this series and love paranormal I would highly recommend it. Alicia does a fantastic job of building the series and bringing it to a conclusion.
Meredith we met very early on. Slowly over time her characters involvement in each story grew. I like how people had to earn her trust as much as she had to earn theirs. Nothing was taken for granted and she fought hard for what she wanted. She also fought against it just as much. The meeting with Signe was perfect and exactly how I would have expected it to be. I was giddy at that point.
Daric had a lot to over come and I’m actually pleased how Alicia made some of the resolutions come about. He atoned for his sins and while some were forgiven, they all weren’t forgotten and this made for a very realistic paranormal read.
While this story arc has come to an end, we know it won’t be the last we see of these characters or the world. I am excited to read the spinoffs and anything more from Alicia in the future.

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