Hearts are Dangerous

Don’t ask me how I stumbled on to the list of K.K Allen for her new release of Dangerous Hearts, but I’m thankful I did. What a different yet enchanting story. I liked how while it was a rock story it wasn’t all about drugs, sex, and partying. It was deeper, there was more of a connection with the characters. They seemed very real, genuine, and so heart broken. Each had their own stories and cracks to their strength and armor. Both together would set a place on fire and bring the walls crashing down.
Lyric is a strong female character, but I also feel she is just a scared little girl looking for the support of someone strong. There is a lot of progression and growth that is left for Lyric. I have a feeling we will see more of that in the second book. That said, she is a quiet force that brings Wolf to his knees. I like how she doesn’t yield to Wolf but instead just fuses herself into his inner being. Their journey is arduous and will take you on a ride that to me felt like they were coming back home. She has so many secrets that K.K. left open and I know we will get those answers in the second story.
Wolf just comes of as the total package rock god you’d expect him to be. I found his inner turmoil refreshing and bringing out a human like quality to his godly fame. He doesn’t have the habits that I’ve seen other rockstars given and it was refreshing. Sure there was the sex and drinking but that wasn’t the forefront of this story. It was his crushed spirit and soul that changed in a night and also a lifetime ago.
Crawley – yeah I’m not sure about this man. I’m seriously smelling something fishy and really think the tour bus could have hit a “speed bump” if you catch my drift. There’s more to him I can FEEL it! Guess I will have to find out in book 2 if I’m right LOL.

Well, this was my first ever by K.K. Allen. I was surprised by how the story moved, sucked me in, and just left me there. I will warn readers it is a cliff hanger. It’s not HUGE, but it’s there. It’s a CFN (content for now) moment in time. All it does is has me itching to grab the next one as soon as it releases. Now that we got those particulars out of the way.
This was unlike other rockstar romances I’ve read. It was very well done. There wasn’t the bad drama that you get annoyed with in books. It has conflicts and issues that move you in your soul, bury deep, and can only be extracted by trudging onward. I felt for both Lyric and Wolf and not it a way that had me throttling them but in a way that made your heart break for both. You so much wanted to reach in and be the glue that mended their hearts together for eternity.
Lyric came off as a bit standoffish and uptight. She had one focus and didn’t want distractions to get in the way. At first I wasn’t sure how to take her, then that scene by the pool. It had me feeling her heart and soul and moved me.
Wolf just has so many layers to cover up the true center of himself. I don’t want to spoil but have so many thoughts towards him at the end of this story. I feel like he got broken.
The band mates are there but they aren’t the main focus and it was nice how they played in the background but didn’t overshadow what was to come with Wolf and Lyric.
There isn’t enough to be said for this story. If you like rocker romances that are a cut above everything else, then check this story out. The author did an incredible job weaving a story that will leave you breathless and yearning for more.

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