Stood Up

Can I say I got all giddy when I saw that Ryan did a surprise release of this short story. She is an auto one click author for me. I seriously would buy the phone book if she wrote it. All of her stories just give me feels. I’m going to shamelessly plug my fave of hers which is Needing to Fall. THAT story is phenomenal. I can’t put in to words a way to accurately describe it. As I digress let’s get Stood Up.
This is a short story. I read it in maybe an hour and a half. I enjoyed every moment of this quick love story. It was sappy, happy, a little emotional, and a lot of steam. I shouldn’t be surprised because it’s Ryan but I was surprised how quickly I could relate to Aiden. I probably would’ve done the same thing if I were in her shoes and got stood up (well not the go home with random) but enjoy dinner by myself.
Mason is aggressive and knows what he wants. He goes after Aiden and even she is surprised by how much he wants her. He goes about his normal tactics only to find out he can’t survive without Aiden. Once he caves into her, he wastes no time exerting his alpha tendencies to keep Aiden safe, happy, and blissfully in love with him.
If you are a Ryan fan, then you have to snatch this story up. It’s only 99 pennies so a great deal for a fun, light-hearted, alpha male, HEA story.

Well I was surprised with the sudden release of this novella by Ryan. I have enjoyed her novella’s because they are quick reads, instalove, and HEA’s. Here’s the disclaimer. This is a quick read and different from her full length novels. If you want full length then move along but if you want ‘full length’ that leads to a sweet HEA then grab and go read 😊💖😎
Aiden is a fun character. Even in the quick story I found myself relating to her. I could see myself doing the same thing being stood up and saying screw it I’m going to eat dinner anyway.
Mason, holy cow he’s all sorts of intimidating. He set his sights on Aiden and didn’t let up. I loved what he revealed after she asked about the dinner.
The only thing this book succeeded in doing to me is making me want more. I loved this short story that much! Seriously you want a quick, light, fun read check it out.

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