AWKwaRd Pas de Deux

I met Emme Burton at AITC back in March. Somehow I didn’t get a picture with her but I did grab a signed copy of this book. Me being the person I am, I couldn’t open it and had to read it on my ebook LOL. What drew me to the book is the pointe shoes on the cover. I’m a sucker when a romance has ballet or dancing (not pole/stripper 😆) in it.
This was an enjoyable contemporary read. There was some drama and suspense but overall it was a good cute love story.
Max was a little over the top in his player ways but it was his security blanket that’s for sure. When we learned more about him, the way he was acting made perfect sense. There were so many times that you wanted to stand strong for Max and cheer him on.
Victoria is the prodigy coming into the dancing world. She is older than most coming into the profession. She is quirky and not like your typical bunheads (can totally say that since I’m one). I do like that she was given things based on talent. That said there is not a lot of ballet related focus. I was okay with that. I mean, I’m reading because of the plot and it’s a romance. There was enough of it that I was satisfied and it didn’t feel like it was lacking or overshadowing the story.
Both characters grew as the story progressed. It was nice that they weren’t flat or stagnant in their growth. One thing that was enjoyable to me was this story being told from Max’s POV. I wasn’t used to a story of this stele being told by the male. It was a sweet ending for them and I would love a novella, follow up, basically more about them LOL. If you like the dancing factor in your romance novel check this story out.

This story had me piourette for joy. I love when I find ballet romances. Some of the puns were a little groan worthy for me but it played into Max’s character very well.
Victoria was so quirky I loved it. She was not your typical ballerina and melded perfectly into the company to stand out. The cattiness she faced was realistic and not over the top. I liked how there was drama but it wasn’t high school level. I really enjoyed watching her come out of her shell and into her own person.
Max had such a rough go of so much. I think his character grew and matured the most in this story. He finally realized what matter most.
Emme made the ending fit perfectly for the couple and I loved their HFN moment. This is a great contemporary romance and I was so glad I found her story.

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4 thoughts on “AWKwaRd Pas de Deux

  1. zoeyellis says:

    Hang on… there are BALLET ROMANCES?! Really? How did I not know this? Can you recommend any? Any dance romance would be cool, I’m jazz and Contemporary trained but, of course, Ballet is essential training for both (and I really enjoyed it). Can you rec me some dance romances? I’ll check out this one too, of course 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • astronimasclutter says:

      OOOHHH I didn’t know you were jazz and contemporary trained! I’ve done classical ballet for 30 years! So this one obviously LOL. Sasha Brümmer and Jesse Epps have the Date series It’s A Date & A Winter’s Date. Love them! I haven’t read them YET but my friend told me about Pas de Deux Part one and Part two by SK Wynter.

      Liked by 1 person

      • zoeyellis says:

        30 years?! Wow, that’s amazing. The On Pointe Romance tagline makes sense now as well as the first position on the book. Duh! I feel so dumb! LOL!

        Brilliant, thanks for the recs 😀 I’m going to check them out. x

        Liked by 1 person

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