Love Me?

Can I say WOW, just WOW. I wasn’t expecting the twists that Anna gave to this story. It was so enjoyable. The suspense was there but it wasn’t over the top. This story just gave me feels from my head to my toes. Devouring it on a 2 hour car ride, I couldn’t stop reading. I had to see what happened to Rayne and Vaughn.
Some of my favorite moments were the dynamics between them and how they tried to not be what each of them needed. There was this magnetic pull that no matter what was said or done, they just couldn’t let it go.
There were some definite shock factors for me in this story. Some had me just wanting to reach through my kindle and hugging the characters. Anna put a lot of emotion into their journey and you could feel it while reading.
Rayne had to grow on me. At first I felt she was a bit childish and then I got to see the mask she was wearing. She seemed so small in a great big world and once she was able to truly be, it was beautiful.
Vaughn was very mysterious about some things in his life. I wasn’t sure how to take it all but ultimately my heart hurt for the little boy inside. You just wanted to squeeze him and hold him and show him that there is so much more in life. Rayne definitely did that. The family scene at Christmas, yeah way to put some dust in my eye…..
Kennedy and Brad! What can I say but I love these two! Seriously I wish I had friends like them because they were the perfect addition to this story. They broke up some of the tension and made me want to jump in and be their friend.
I don’t want to spoil but there was a certain couple that I wanted to send someone to take care of them and not in a nice way. What Anna had them dump on Rayne, yeah I might have been cursing their existence in the fictional story.
If Anna is new to you, then check this story out. It’s a stand alone and you don’t have to read Fixing Fate to read this Pleasant Valley Novel. Although, I do recommend you read Fixing Fate, because it was fantastic.

I am not even sure where to begin. I loved Fixing Fate so when I saw another Pleasant Valley Novel was out I snatched it up. I think I flew through this I couldn’t put it down. I read it on a 2 hour drive.
Rayne is insecure at first. She had so many sides and secrets. At first I felt like she was childish but then WHAM Anna opened up the can of feels and just gave her more depth that gave me understanding. I couldn’t believe where her journey led her.
Vaughn had a past that I would’ve never suspected some of it. He overcame a lot and still managed to find love in himself and Rayne.
Kennedy and Brad are the best friends you want in your life. I laughed a lot when they popped in the story.
A fantastic read by Anna. If you haven’t checked her out, snag this read and see what you’re missing.

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