Lane Change

I’m a little late posting this. Had some other items that had post dates and didn’t realize. Anyway, I’m happy to be talking about Maren’s second in her series. I am really enjoying this cop series she has created. It is different from others and still keeps me coming back for more. There is love, suspense, lots of laughter, and nothing but heart.
Lane was someone I was intrigued by in the first story. I felt there was so much to her past that nobody knew. Maren made her strong, loyal, and guarded. She wasn’t jaded but protective of herself and her feelings. She has a roller coaster of emotions to combat and how she evolves as the story develops had me rooting for her and her HEA. She is also my spirit animal I mean come on the girl loves shoes as much as I do 😉.
Well Maren said she hoped I would like Jake in the second book. She has nothing to fear, he redeemed himself with qualities you would want in any man. He is loyal to a fault and so fiercely protective. I loved his family dynamics and it was nice to see the relationship he had with them. His little actions and thoughts that surprised Lane melted my heart on the spot.
There was still the same humor and banter that you found in the first of this series. The policemen of Bounty County are fun to read about and have a great brotherhood dynamic. I did read this before hubby (he had a lot at work this past week) so his input isn’t in this review yet. I know he will get to it and I’ll let you know what he says Maren.

So my review of the first said I wasn’t sure about Jake. Well it took me WAY too long to get to book 2 in this series. There was good suspense in here and I was surprised by it. I was expecting something different for the turmoil but Maren pulled out a plot that I was excited to read about.
Lane is fierce. She is the kick @$$ woman that you want to be when you grow up. That said even the strongest have their moments where they need everything.
Jake was not my fave in the last story. I lost a lot of respect for him but enjoyed watching Maren make him human. He redeemed himself many times over. The trip they took just made me love him more for how he made Lane his priority.
All the faves are back and we meet some new characters too. I can’t wait to see where we are taken in Bounty County for book 3.
While the series continues Maren manages to create unique plots for each story. She concludes them well and they aren’t rushed. The only thing that will be rushing is your blood as you read. 💖🚓🚔

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