Dragon Mate

I previously read a freebie book by Emilia and wanted to give her dragon tale a go. I read the blurb and was interested to see where it was going to take me.
Emilia took us on a very brief journey to dragons and love. It was a short romance read that was jam packed with mini plots and the larger one of getting the girl. It is the first in the series, so there is more to come from this world she has created. This is also a HFN ending and I found it different from other shifter reads in that regards.
One person I would love more from is Wesley’s Mom. She was great in this short story. I found myself enjoying her comments, looks, and fierceness she has towards her son. There were some surprises in this tale that had me enchanted as I turned the page. I really cannot wait to see how it unfolds as the series continues.
The honest part, and I mean this in no negative light. The 4 stars for me came because I was expecting the story and it ended at 20%. I genuinely enjoy Emilia’s writing and want to say the extra 3 stories tacked on at the end that had no relation to the dragon tale, were a turn off to me. I didn’t even read it. I think this short novella was great and had enough to stand on its own as a short read without the extra fillers at the end. So, if you want a short novella about a new world of dragons and mates, check this story out. I see great things happening with Emilia and this series and cannot wait to watch where it goes next.

I grabbed this story but was a little frustrated it ended at 20%. It was a cute short novella. I think there was no need for so many extra stories at the end. I didn’t read them but thought the novella could stand well on its own.
Dakota is an ambitious girl. She is going for her dream. She never expected everything that happened once she decided to study abroad.
Wesley wasn’t sure what to expect but it sure wasn’t Dakota. He flew into her world and couldn’t leave it.
I really liked this short novella and want to read more in the series. It was sweet with young characters but it was all handled well. There is a HFN ending but I liked it.

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