Ride-along love

I found Maren in a FB reading group. After she completed a takeover, I read her blurb for Ride-Along and wanted to check it out. To me this is a second chance romance with suspense and comedy. I had moments where I was laughing and others where I was watching the train wreck happen in slow motion.
I did find the plot predictable, but going in reading the blurb, you know kinda what’s going to happen in the suspense department. Saying that, did not keep me from wanting to continue along and read it. In fact because I felt so passionate about liking and hating characters, I gave it a 5. When I can say I hate someone in a story, or love them in a way, it to me shows what the writer can do.
My husband actually read this one too. It was funny because him reading it made me realize I never did a blog post for this when I read it in April. Guess fate knew to have me not write it so I could include his take on it 😉. As he was reading I got the occasional comments like, why is she doing that, and she’s dumb for doing this. I also got the HOLY COW comment from him and ended up laughing so much while cooking dinner. I forgot all about the piece that had him saying that.
I think Maren did a good job of introducing so many characters, the town, sheriff’s and everyone that will play a part in the series. It wasn’t over the top and didn’t feel like it was too much information. It was just the right amount to give you insight to them and prepare for their story. I plan to post about her second in this series tomorrow. Hubby had a lot of work going on so his view won’t be in it but he does plan to read it.

This was a great first read for me by this author. There was suspense and it is known. You know it’s going to happen and you know it’s going to be bad.
Chloe is unsure what to do with her life. She had so much going on and coming to visit family just leads to a whirlwind two weeks.
Justin is chicken plain and simple. When the push comes to shove he has a choice to make. He is the complete alpha cop but Chloe slowly melts his hardened shell away to reveal the softer side of this overprotective brute.
I’m interested in the second story because I hated Jake. He burned me the wrong way and I know that makes a great writer. When I get passionate in my feelings about the characters it makes the story more enjoyable.
These main characters are in their thirties and I liked that. It was relatable even the occasional drunken night. Most of the others are in their twenties to thirties which goes well with the story. The way the LEO’s are was funny and accurate.
Cannot wait for the second in line. If you like hot steamy cop stories then I recommend this tale to you. It is a quick instalove but I didn’t mind it in the least.

Meet Maren Lee:

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