Forging Love

I checked out Dani Wyatt’s new release the other day. It is a short, steamy, HEA read. This one reminded me a lot of the broody male turned to mush. It was all sorts of cheesy happy goodness in my opinion. This will be a short post, because with the short novel, I’d hate to post anything that might spoil it for ya.
Miller didn’t like anyone hardly. He didn’t know what he was missing until Lela stopped to watch him at the Renaissance Fair. Little did she know that once he had his sights on her, he wasn’t going to let her go. Fate however decided that it wasn’t time but when a second meeting comes along, Miller will stop at nothing to make Lela his.
Lela has goals, ambitions, and dreams. While she falls hard, quick, and fast for Miller, she doesn’t have to give up on those dreams for love right? Dani did a great job of keeping the characters grounded in who they are while bringing them together.
If you want a super steamy, quick read then check this one out. It is on KU or you can snag it for 99 pennies.

This was a cute quick read. It ends about 80% in but was a good short story. It’s very much ‘me man, you woman’ type and I liked it. It had sweet, sweet, HEA’s and puppy kisses.
Lela is working to her dream when she feels fate tugging her in a different direction. I really liked how the author ended this. It had a great HEA, not just for Lela but for her relationship with Miller as well.
Miller is a unique, grumpy, and angry alpha male until he spots Lela. He is taken aback and it was fun watching his hard exterior melt for her.
This was purely sweet, happy, and short romantic story. If you are looking for a cute quick read then check it out.

Meet Dani Wyatt:

Grab the book:


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