To Summer

This is the first story I’ve read by SC York. It surprised me, I’ll be honest about that. When you reach a certain age some times stories just seem too young to enjoy. Well SC proved me wrong about her coming of age story. It was refreshing and realistic. I didn’t feel like things were over exaggerated or out of context.
We meet Vanessa, she just graduated undergrad and is back home for the summer. Her two best friends are there as well to help her have one last hurrah before she moves and becomes an adult. She is struggling to find herself and has some hard times along the way. Some she caused and others were created by people she meets. I did like how SC made her grow. It wasn’t a HUGE growth but by the end you felt like her maturity was changing and she was understanding what it means to be an adult.
Eva is the best friend of Vanessa. What was nice, is while she was crazy with the partying and such, she did seem to have a level head about her direction in life, more so than Vanessa. It shows how much things change as adulthood descends upon everyone. I did message SC and say I didn’t like her LOL. Honestly I love when I don’t like all the characters. It makes for a more well rounded read.
TJ is the third of this friendship and he had so many surprises for me in this story. There were times where he was a great friend and others where I thought he was a big jerk. Again, while just graduated he was in a different boat than Eva and Vanessa about growing up. All three were at a huge crossroads.
Ryan and Blake are the older guys of this tale. It shows how much difference 7 years can make as Ryan is 29 in this story. While they enjoy their parties it’s very much business for them 95% of the time. I think they were wishy washy a lot and it reminded me that at 29 you aren’t quite considered old enough to be a true adult, but are too old sometimes to be doing the partying of a new undergrad. It’s that awkward teen stage only for adults LOL. I can’t tell you how many times I was told “wow you’re really young” when working in my job.
This is not a HEA and I liked that. I think it would have greatly detracted from the story SC was trying to tell if she made it all hearts, sunshine and flowers at the end. There is a HFN and she did close up the subplots created during their last summer. I genuinely can’t wait to see what happens next in Vanessa’s life.

This story surprised me. I enjoyed it but didn’t know when I started that I would fall in love with it as much as I did. It was done well to capture a coming of age for the young adult group.
Many might be frustrated but I wasn’t. SC wrote these characters true to their age. Yes their antics seemed immature at times but it fit with the story and situations. They were in their young twenties and there was a lot of growing up to be had. The two older guys in the story showed what a difference 7 years can make in your life.
Vanessa is the main character and we see what has happened to her and what she goes through on her last summer before truly becoming an adult. There is sex, drinking, and mortifying moments. She is young and sometimes a ditz but I have to say at 22 how many of us actually had our stuff together. She matured through the story and grew. I am now strictly team Vanessa and want to see her grow even more in the next story.
This is not a hearts and flowers HEA story. If you are looking for that you won’t find it. It does give way to romance, and a HFN that is fitting for the characters. The small subplots that popped up were closed up in a conclusion that you weren’t left hanging. If anything I felt like I just hit pause on a movie of Vanessa’s life.

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