Dropout to Knockout

The third story is live. I can’t say I was disappointed in the least. I first found Jamie from an AR newsletter (thanks ladies). Each time she writes I am blown away. These are young (late teens/early twenties) couples as they journey through life and love. Now I know you’re probably rolling your eyes and thinking the drama but this is hands down the best young love series I have ever read. There isn’t the drama typical with this age, and it feels refreshing.
Jimmy and Mackenna’s story I think is my favorite out of the series and they were all 5 stars for me. I can’t explain it but I think what Jimmy did when he realized what he did about Mackenna was honorable. It was great that a young adult despite his flaws and mistakes came in and made her feel like a million dollars. Mackenna went through so much and watching her grow into the adult she was meant to be just warmed my insides.
All of our favorites are back again. Beverly had me rolling in hilarity at her rules for Jimmy and her nosiness in general. Hank made me go AWE more times than I probably needed to. If you are looking for a feel good romance, then I strongly recommend Jamie. She makes it feel like real life and these characters will bounce off the pages and hang at your home.

Just when you think the good guys can’t get any better, in walks James Peabody Johnson. Time and time again, I am blown away by Jamie’s writing. I love how she takes real life issues and has her characters overcome what seems unbeatable odds. These young adults are well written, passionate, honest, trustworthy, and true to themselves.
There were some surprises in this story and I loved them. They weren’t over the top, and didn’t seem to be outrageous. Some even had me ready to track down Jamie until I turned the page for the resolution.
Mackenna made my heart break and swell for so many reasons. That conversation with her Mom just made me ache. I can’t even begin to describe the level of feelings I had for her. They were overwhelming.
Jimmy didn’t disappoint for the leading man in the story. How he viewed himself and the relationship with his parents is what every 19 year old has. I (again) love how real Jamie makes this. I feel like I could drive through a cornfield and land in Tolson to chat with everyone there.
How she weaved in the past characters was spot on. You got to interact with them but the focus was still on Jimmy and Mackenna. Hank made me have dust in my eye. I could picture the proud twinkle. These adults respect the young ones and believe in them. To me this isn’t just a romance story, it is a story that shows how amazing you can be, to find your tribe and let them build you up. Yes they fall and make mistakes, but they are genuine, real, and fighting to do what is right.
This is a HEA you won’t want to miss. You have to get your copy today.

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