I’m so thrilled I found AJ Renee and her stories. I love the back drop she creates of this small town outside of New Orleans. The St. Fleur series is quickly becoming one of my favorite contemporary reads. There is mild suspense/drama but it’s not over the top. I like how the characters are around my own age and can easily relate to them. They also seem like a great group of imaginary people.
The girls get to go out on girl nights and movie nights which makes me think of the times I get to hang out with the girls. They laugh, joke, and support each other in a beautiful way. It’s Lindsey’s turn to find love but there are forces beyond her control keeping her from her HEA.
Marc isn’t sure what to make of it all but when he realizes that they have a past he will pull out everything he can to keep Lindsey in his future. I think I like Marc better than Noah (sshh don’t tell Noah 😉) for leading men to sweep you off your feet. It might only be by a smidgen but it’s there LOL. Marc stops at nothing to open Lindsey’s eyes to the possibility of a future with them and how good it can be.
I want a Deogee. Read it, then come back and chuckle about Deogee. I had to tell my husband that I loved the name and was totally stealing it HAHA.
I don’t want to spoil but we do get to see Noah, Soph, Lexi, Jamie Lynn, Jesse, and all the faves from Widower’s Aura. We learn more about each secondary character as we follow Marc and Lindsey on their swoon worthy journey. Grab some fried pickles and a beer before you snuggle up with Always Mine.

This second in the series couldn’t be any sweeter. Marc is the perfect man and boyfriend material. He thinks of what Lindsey wants even before she knows it. I love how in tune he is with her. Their past comes crashing in on them in a way they never expected. Now they both have to overcome those issues while keeping Lindsey safe. I did guess who the stalker was but it didn’t make me enjoy the book any less. One thing I love about St. Fleur and the world AJ created is how realistic it seems. I feel like I could drive down there and meet these characters. Yes the love is quick but they still seem real and out to have fun in this life. There were several moments where you didn’t want to poke the bear but I was rolling and enjoyed the family like atmosphere and banter.

Cannot wait for the next one.

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    Another 5 Stars for Always Mine!!!

    Have you taken a trip into the small town of St. Fleur? You can start today with Sofia and Noah in Widower’s Aura!

    Reading that readers love my stories makes it all worth it! Thank you Mary and everyone who has taken a moment out to read and review my work! I appreciate it more than you will ever know!

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